Coronavirus: Campania, 5 new positives – Campania


                          <h2 class="news-stit">3,510 swabs made; In total 4,802 positives</h2>
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        (ANSA) - NAPLES, MAY 30 - There are five new positive cases

Coronavirus in Campania, detected on 3,510 swabs performed.

This was announced by the Crisis Unit of the Campania Region.

The total number of positives rose to 4,802 out of 201 543 swabs
performed. In detail at the Cotugno Hospital in Naples: they are
368 swabs were tested, with none positive. Ruggi di
Salerno: 525 swabs, no positive; Sant’Anna Caserta: 110
swabs, no positive; Asl Caserta, principals of
Aversa-Marcianise: 239 swabs, 1 positive; Moscati Avellino: 148
swabs, none positive; San Paolo Napoli: 160 swabs, 1
positive; Federico II laboratory: 165 swabs, none
– Zooprophylactic Institute Mezzogiorno: 348 tampons, none
positive; Nola hospital: 225 swabs, 3 positive; St. Pio
Benevento: 105 swabs examined, none positive; Eboli: 298
swabs, none positive; CEINGE / IZSM laboratory: 403 examined
swabs, none positive; Biogem: 363 swabs, none positive;
Cardarelli / IZSM: 53, no positive.

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