Coronavirus Campania, 5 new cases. No deaths and 15 patients recovered. Movida, De Luca: “Illegitimate deed of the mayor of Magistris”


twelve o’clockMay 30, 2020 – 10:55 am

The governor disputes the government’s choices and is the protagonist, in Naples, of a clash of ordinances with the mayor: on the same day they signed two administrative acts with different times on closing the premises and selling alcohol

of Chiara Marasca

The contagion curve in Campania remains low. In the latest bulletin of the Regional Crisis Unit – updated at 10 pm on Saturday evening – there are five new positive cases on 3,510 swabs performed. The total number of infections passes to 4,802, out of 201,453 processed swabs. Today’s cases emerge from tampons examined at the Caserta Local Health Authority, garrisons of Aversa-Marcianise (1); at San Paolo in Naples (1), at Nola hospital (3). No new victims and 15 more recovered from Coronavirus in Campania. There have been 411 victims since the beginning of the epidemic while the number of patients recovered rises to 3405. (Here the situation in Italy with the map of the infections).

De Luca against free mobility between regions

It is not really clear what the substantive reasons that can motivate a general opening measure and the non-limitation of mobility not even for the provinces still heavily affected by the infection. In the aftermath of the government’s decision that provides for freedom of movement throughout the national territory starting from June 3, the president of the Campania Region, Vincenzo De Luca, reiterates his contrary position, and says: We will adopt, without hysterics and in a way responsible, together with the safety protocols already in force, checks and rapid tests with increased attention to prevent, as far as possible, the emergence of new epidemic outbreaks in our region.

Movida, the battle of ordinances

And on the schedules of the movida, in Naples war of ordinances between De Luca and the mayor Luigi de Magistris. On Friday, two conflicting administrative acts with different times on the closure of the premises and the sale of alcohol in Phase 2, in consideration of the need to avoid gatherings and lower the risk of infection with Coronavirus in places of evening entertainment. The governor’s provision provides that the shutters of bars and clubs will go down at one in the morning and that the sale of takeaway alcohol is prohibited from 10 pm, the mayor instead moves forward the stop, returning to the rules of the pre-Covid era: on weekends local open until 3.30 on the following day and sale of alcohol allowed until 24. What administrative act prevails? The debate among the experts is open, and meanwhile the only certainty is chaos.

De Luca rejects the de Magistris deed: Illegitimate

The second round went on stage today. Our order not only perfectly legitimate but also dutiful because it better implements health prescriptions and also passed through a clear dialogue with the Prime Minister who, in the meeting in videoconference last Thursday with the mayors of the metropolitan cities, made a commitment to intervene and clarify this matter from a regulatory point of view, said the mayor of Naples, the first of the two “duelists” to intervene on the subject. But even De Luca does not change his position and, on the contrary, relaunches: for him the de Magistris act not only illegitimate, but violates the law. And there is no need to challenge the Tar because, maintains the governor – who wrote to the Prefect, Quaestor and Commander of the Municipal Authority, asking to enforce his provision – already ineffective, according to article 3, paragraph 2 of decree-law number 19 of the 2020, converted with amendments by law number 35 of 2020, under which The Statutory Auditors cannot adopt, under penalty of ineffectiveness, contingent and urgent orders aimed at facing the emergency in contrast with state and regional measures, n exceeding the limits of object referred to in paragraph 1.

May 30, 2020 | 10:55


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