Coronavirus Bulletin of May 30. Today’s data of the Civil Protection


Rome, May 30, 2020 – The new step of Phase 2 (in practice a Phase 3) with the return of displacements between regions starting from June 3, has been certified, the eyes remain focused on bulletin newspaper of the Civil protection, which monitors the progress of the Coronavirus in Italy. The contagion trend slows down Lombardy, but returns to rise in number of victims. Meanwhile, the accusation of the Court of Auditors on the Italian health situation has arrived: “Privileged large hospitals and doctors who emigrated abroad, population without adequate protection in the Covid emergency”. The document highlights the doctors’ ‘flight’ due to lack of places and low wages. According to OECD data, in the last 8 years more than 9,000 white coats have been formed in Italy that have gone away.

The budget for May 30th

Daily infections in Italy are returning below 500, 416 today against 516 yesterday: a figure that once again mainly depends on the Lombard numbers, 221 cases today against 354. The total number of Italians affected by the virus rises to 232,664. Instead, the dead increase, passed from 87 yesterday to 111 today, and there are 33,340 in all. THE healed are 2,789 (against 2,240 of 24 hours ago), for a total of 155,633. There are no deaths in 12 regions today: they are Campania, Puglia, Trento, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Abruzzo, Bolzano, Umbria, Sardinia, Val d’Aosta, Calabria, Molise and Basilicata. Sharp drop in the number of current patients, 2,484 fewer (29 May 1,811), for a total that drops to 43,691. And it has been going on for almost two months now drop in admissions: those in the ordinary regime are even 414 less (6,680 in total), while intensive care drops by 25 units, and they are 450. Finally, 69,342 tampons were performed in 24 hours, with the positive / tampons ratio falling to 0.6 %, the lowest ever.

Special Coronavirus

Lombardy, 67 dead

Today in Lombardy they have been registered 221 new positives and 67 deaths. In total, from the beginning of the epidemic, the infections are 88,758, while the deaths 16,079. The currently positive ones drop by 874 units (in total 21,809), while the healed / discharged 1,028 (50,870). The swabs carried out were 14,301 (741,447), with a swab / poisitive ratio of 1.5%. Yesterday the new positives had been 354, the dead 38. Contagions are also decreasing in Milan: Today 62 cases have been registered in the province and 25 in the capital. On 29 May there were 74 new infections in the Metropolitan City, 32 in Milan.

Piedmont, 82 more positives

I’m 7 deaths in Piedmont. The total number of victims therefore rises to 3,858. The healed increase, equal to 18,246 (652 more), while the infections are 30,583, 82 more than yesterday (of which 25 detected in the Rsa, 13 confirmations of positive serologies, 29 asymptomatic). Intensive care patients are 60 (one less), while people in home isolation are 4,242. Finally, the diagnostic swabs so far processed, equal to 315,828, of which 174,352 were negative.

Emilia Romagna, the virus slows down

Today they are counted 5 people who lost their lives in Emilia Romagna, for a total of 4,107 deaths since the beginning of the crisis. Today also 20 cases of positivity more than yesterday, half of which are asymptomatic and derive from regional screening. There are 300 new healings, for a total of 20,373 people: over 73% of the total number of infections since the beginning of the epidemic. In addition, the number of actual sick people continues to fall, which to date are 3,279, or a decrease of 285 units. Intensive care patients are still decreasing (today they are 65, or 11 fewer) and those hospitalized in the other covid wards (398 in all, 31 less than yesterday). People in solitary confinement at home also decreased, with mild or asymptomatic symptoms, which are altogether 2,816 (about 86% of those sick), down by 243. Today 4,464 swabs have been reported, thus reaching 321,373 in total , to which 2,820 serological tests are added.

Forlì, healed at 103 years old

Liguria, 7 dead and 32 other infections

Covid-19 positives still drop in Liguria, just over three thousand, with 198 fewer cases (in detail, there are 3,035). But there are still victims, 7 in the last 24 hours, for a total of 1,457 since the beginning of the emergency and more infected, 32 on the last day. The pressure on hospitals, however, continues to decrease: today there are 10 fewer hospitalized for a total of 195, of which 9 in intensive care. There are 223 people judged healed thanks to a double negative swab. The tests carried out in the last 24 hours are 2,719, bringing the number of swabs made to date to 104,892.

Tuscany, twelve newly infected and six deaths

Covid 19 in the regions

Province by province

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