Coronavirus bulletin of May 29. Civil protection: today’s data and tables


Rome, 29 May 2020 – Il bulletin of the Civil protection on the progress of the epidemic of Coronavirus in Italy. Updates at 6pm on contagions, currently positive, dead, healed and discharged. In the meantime, these are crucial hours for the decision on travel between regions, preceded by the monitoring report by Cts and Iss. The governor of Emilia-Romagna, Stefano Bonaccini, hopes for a reopening “for everyone on June 3: there is a need for normality,” he says. Lombardy’s councilor for welfare, Giulio Gallerainstead, preaches “prudence” and believes that “to make an overall assessment of what the spread is” after the reopening of phase 2 “the cardinal date is June 8”. Finally, the use of the mask will no longer be mandatory on the street in Veneto from next June 1: the new regional ordinance announced by Luca Zaia, which will have value from 1 to 15 June.

The budget of 29 May

THE new infections in Italy have fallen to 516 against 593 yesterday. In Lombardy 68.6% of the total. There are 232,248 Italians affected by the beginning of the epidemic. On the rise i deaths, up from 70 registered yesterday at 87 today, for a total of 33,229. There were 2,240 healed in one day (3,503 yesterday), and 152,844 in all. As a result of these data, the decrease in the number of active patients continues: 1,811 fewer today (2,980 yesterday), for a total that drops to 46,175. The decline in the number of hospitalizations has continued for almost two months: those in the ordinary regime decrease by 285 units, 7,094 in total, while intensive care units are reduced by 14 units, 475 in total. There are 38,606 patients in home isolation. Finally, even today the high number of swabs made: 72,135 (yesterday the absolute record, 75,893), for a positive / swab percentage that drops to 0.71%.

Italy split

The numerical difference of the Covid-19 epidemic between the different areas of the peninsula is becoming increasingly macroscopic: well 448 cases registered today are counted in only three Regions: Lombardy (354), followed at a distance by Piedmont (56) and Emilia Romagna (38). The rest of Italy adds up to just 68 new cases. Of the remaining regions, only three exceed ten cases: Lazio (16), Liguria (14) and Campania (10). All the others are under 10, with as many as 6 Regions making the new contagion mark ‘zero’: Abruzzo, the province of Bolzano, Umbria, Val d’Aosta, Calabria and Basilicata.

Lombardy, still over 350 infections

contagions slightly down today in Lombardy, equal to 354, compared to 382 yesterday. The news, however, is represented by hospitalizations that are growing again, 3,552 with an increase of 82 units. Intensive care unchanged, 173. There are 38 deaths, up from 20 yesterday. The total rises above 16,000 to 16,012 units. Among other data provided by the Region, the healed rose by 546 units, to 49,842, and the currently positive ones dropped by 230 to 22,683. The swabs carried out were 14,078, the percentage of positives on the swabs is 2.5%. There are 74 new positive cases in Milan and the province, 32 of which in Milan city. The data are slightly decreasing compared to yesterday when the new infections across the province were 76, of which 39 in the city. The overall figure since the beginning of the emergency is 22,982 positive for the metropolitan area and 9,750 for Milan city.

Emilia Romagna, 38 new cases

In Emilia Romagna there were 27,739 cases of positivity, 38 more than yesterday. Of these new cases, 24 derive from the screening activity carried out by the Region on asymptomatic people through serological tests and swabs. There are 216 new healings, for a total of 20,073: 72.4% of the total number of infections since the beginning of the epidemic. Active cases continue to decline, namely the number of actual patients who have now fallen to 3,564 (-186). People in solitary confinement at home, that is, those with mild symptoms, who do not require hospital treatment, or are symptom-free, total 3,059 (86% of those sick), -165 compared to yesterday. Intensive care patients are 76 (-1). Those hospitalized in the other Covid wards also decreased, falling to 429 (-20). The total number of people recovered therefore rises to 20,073 (+216). They register 8 new deaths: 2 men and 6 women. Overall, in Emilia-Romagna they reached 4,102.

Piedmont, 13 more deaths

The number of people healed in Piedmont is growing by 522, while there have been 13 new deaths, of which 2 registered today. These are the data of the Regional Crisis Unit bulletin released in the afternoon contagion grows by 56 units (14 in the rsa), bringing the total since the start of the pandemic to 3,851. Intensive care patients are 61 (-3 compared to yesterday), 1,029 in other wards (- 29 compared). There are 4,568 people in home isolation. The diagnostic swabs processed so far are 309,497, of which 171,546 were negative.

Liguria, 4 new infections and 7 dead

Only four new infections from Covid in Liguria in the last 24 hours, compared to 1548 tests (total 102,173), but are reported 7 more deaths which bring the total death toll to 1,450. Of these 7, 4 are from the last 24 hours, three refer to swabs made in the previous days. The positives are 3,233, 129 less than yesterday. There were 4,934 healed with two negative swabs, 136 more than yesterday, 2239 healed but still positive are still at home, 22 more than yesterday. There are 789 people in home isolation, 145 fewer than yesterday. The pressure on hospitals continues to drop: 205 are hospitalized (6 less than yesterday), 13 of whom are in intensive care, like yesterday. Under active surveillance there are 1,090 people.

Covid 19, the numbers in the regions

Pdf tables after 6pm

Province by province

Pdf tables after 6pm

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