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Ancona, 29 May 2020 – New cases of positivity remain low Coronavirus in Marche. The Gores reported that they have been carried out in the past 24 hours 1279 swabs (total 101,389), of which 750 of the diagnosis path and 529 of the path healed. The positives are 4, of which 3 in the province of Macerata and 1 in the province of Pesaro Urbino. In total, positivity cases came to 6,723.

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With just a contagion in the Marche, the level of contagiousness of the virus it remains absolutely under control. After zero on Wednesday, the first since the beginning of the Covid emergency in late February, yesterday another excellent result that strengthens the concept of ‘alternating zero’ which, if confirmed in the next 7-10 days, could really mean the almost definitive exit of the Marche from the pandemic, at least for now.

The other good news is yet another day without victims with Coronavirus. It had already happened in recent days and this confirms a constantly improving trend. The number of deaths due to Covid in the brands since the beginning of the health crisis remains 997.

Going back to the infections, the only person registered yesterday is a 34 year old woman residing in the Macerata area, this means: a positive test on 796 swabs (0.1%, the absolute lowest percentage ever) of the ‘new diagnoses’ part processed, in addition to 779 tests of the ‘healed’ one, i.e. swabs confirming positivity or less. A total of 1,575 swabs were made, a number that leads the statistics to exceed 100 thousand.

In addition to having broken the wall of 100 thousand tampons, since yesterday, after months, the number of patients admitted to hospital facilities has fallen below 100 after reaching 1,200 units. There are 92 and the Covid Hospital of Civitanova Marche with its 3 patients enters the ranking for the first time while the hospital of Camerino is preparing to leave the Covid areas. Intensive therapies of Torrette (4 patients), San Benedetto (3), Fermo (2) and Jesi (1) remain active, in addition to the semi-intensive Torrette with its 7 cases.

The non-intensive departments are emptying, those of Camerino will be transferred to infectious diseases in Macerata, 8 remain in Pesaro and in the province of Ancona only 1 in Jesi. Chiaravalle (12), Macerata (13) and Inca di Fermo (15) remain active in the post-acute wards. With this trend now outlined for weeks, the discharged / healed are growing day by day: yesterday there were 4,376 (+102) while the asymptomatic positive subjects in quarantine decreased by a hundred units, 1,254.

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