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Coronavirus, only a new positive in the Marche region (Photo Germogli)
Ancona, 28 May 2020 – It is not ‘zero’ yesterday, but we are very close. The Gores (Regional group for the emergency) has communicated that yesterday they were tried 1,575 swabs in the Marche (796 of the new diagnosis path and 779 of the path healed) and that from laboratory analyzes results only one positive to the Coronavirus. It is a person residing in the province of Macerata.

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From mid-May the number of registered positives has always remained below ten and the “zero” conquered by Ascoli Piceno has been flanked by the “alternating zero” of Fermo, Ancona is Macerata. Finally, yesterday, the first day without positives a Pesaro, center of the Marche outbreak.

The first case of positivity was registered in the Marches on February 25th. He was a young man from Valfoglia. The day with the most infections was the March 21: well 268. In the last ten days we had always remained under twenty cases.

The map of contagion

Up to now, in the Marche region, 6,719 people have officially contracted Coronavirus, divided as follows by province: Pesaro and Urbino 2,740, Ancona 1,870, Macerata 1,118, Fermo 469, Ascoli 290. There are 232 contagious extraregions discovered in the Marche. In total 98,535 swabs were made. The victims In total, the victims are 997: 527 in the Pesaro area, 217 in the Ancona area, 166 in the Macerata area, 66 in the Fermano area, 13 in the Ascolano area. Eight were resident outside the region.

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