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Coronavirus bulletin May 27: zero new infections in the Marche (Photo Germogli)
Ancona, 27 May 2020 – For the Observatory on the health of the Regions we should have waited for the end of June; the goal, however, was crossed a month earlier: zero contagions from Coronavirus in the last 24 hours. The Marche finally they smile. The data was communicated by Gores, the Operational Group for health emergencies. The swabs analyzed were 1,250. The cases of Covid-19 since the beginning of the epidemic therefore remain 6,718.

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Yesterday a death and only two new cases. The victim is a 98-year-old guest from the Recanati nursing home. The death had not been included in the official Gores bulletin, but was confirmed last night by the victim’s family. The deceased patients with Coronavirus thus rise to an altitude 997: 595 men and 402 women with an average age of over 80 years who, in almost 95% of cases, had previous pathologies. As for the territorial distribution, 527 deceased people came from the province of Pesaro and Urbino, 217 from that of Ancona, 166 from Macerata, 66 from Fermo and 13 from Ascoli. There are 8 victims from outside the region. Yesterday’s contagions concern a resident in the province of Macerata and one from outside the region.

The amusement parks reopen

In the Marche, the activities of the tourism professions and of the theme parks, of the parks entertainment permanent and traveling shows. The decree 181 approved by the President of the Region establishes it, Luca Ceriscioli. So go ahead for the activities of the theme parks, permanent amusement parks (adventure parks, water parks, etc.) and amusement parks.

The exercise of the activities of the tourism professions as tourist guides, tour guides, communication and marketing technicians, nature guides, as well as the tourism professions and cycle tour guides. All these activities must be carried out in accordance with regulatory provisions and guaranteeing all safety standards.

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