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Bologna, 30 May 2020 – Twenty new infections and 5 victims. The contagion data, while remaining very low, also undergo significant changes from one day to the next. It all depends on whether – during searches with tests for risk categories – you come across an outbreak or not. Today, of the twenty new patients – explains the Region – ten are asymptomatic people which were discovered precisely during the screening activity. There are 4,464 swabs made in the last few hours.

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The new healings I’m 300, for a total of 20,373: over 73% of the total number of infections since the beginning of the epidemic. Continue to decline i active cases, that is, the number of actual patients who have now fallen to 3,279 (-285 since yesterday).

The contagions

The 20 new cases are distributed as follows: 2 a Piacenza, 1 a Parma, 2 a Reggio Emilia, 2 to Modena, 10 to Bologna (no more cases in Imola), no new positive a Ferrara, 1 a Ravenna, no new cases a Forlì it’s at Cesena, 2 a Rimini.

The deaths

The 5 victims who register today are all women: 1 resident in the province of Modena, 1in the province of Bologna (nobody in theImola), 1 in that of Forlì-Cesena (in Forlivese) and 2 in that of Rimini. No death among residents in the provinces of Piacenza, Parma, Reggio Emilia, Ferrara, Ravenna and from outside the region.

The Rt

Yesterday, the new sick were 38, the day before yesterday 75. What remains constant is the number of deaths which has now stabilized below ten units: yesterday they were 8. But the Rt index for Emilia Romagna is 0 , 55, among the lowest in the country: a figure that bodes well also in view of the opening to travel between regions on 3 June.

Thermal and beauty centers

The spas in Emilia Romagna reopen

In the midst of Phase 2 which is already veering rapidly towards 3, the Region announces the reopening from tomorrow, May 31, gods spas and wellness centers in Emilia Romagna, obviously provided that they respect the rules set by Viale Aldo Moro. Also from tomorrow they return to mofo cableway public transport services (cable cars, funiculars, chair lifts) of the Apennines.

The rules

Among the main ones, having to guarantee aadequate information and awareness of users on hygiene and behavioral measures useful to contain the transmission of Coronavirus. Before access, it can be body temperature detected, preventing it in case of temperature higher than 37.5 ° C. For patients, the measurement is performed during the acceptance medical examination.

The Centers will then have to draw up a program of activities as planned as possible to prevent any conditions of aggregations e regulate flows in common areas, waiting and in the various areas of the center to encourage compliance with the interpersonal distance of at least 1 meter.

Dispensers with hydroalcoholic solutions for hand hygiene should be available. The guests must always wear a mask in common areas, while employees will be required to use the mask always in the presence of customers and in any event in which it is not possible to guarantee the interpersonal distance of at least one meter.

The equipment (deck chairs, sun loungers) must be arranged according to dedicated routes in order to guarantee the distance of at least 1.5 meters between the equipment itself and favor a interpersonal distancing of at least 1 meter between people not belonging to the same family or cohabitants.

In addition, the greatest possible spacing between any umbrellas provided for the solarium and for the dedicated expanses must be pursued and, in any case, in compliance with the minimum distance limit between umbrellas in the same row and between rows that guarantees a minimum umbrella surface of 12 square meters per stake. In case of use of other shading systems, spacing areas equivalent to those guaranteed by the positioning of the

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