Coronavirus bulletin Emilia Romagna 26 May, eight deaths – Chronicle


Intensive covid therapies increasingly empty
Bologna, 26 May 2020 – A piece of news, awaited and invoked. Today’s death toll has finally dropped to a single figure, which is below ten. To anticipate the bulletin of the Region was the same president Stefano Bonaccini. “I want to have the confidence to say that we are towards the end of the epidemic. Today for the first time after two months in Emilia-Romagna we have had less than a dozen deaths and a few dozen infected, “he said during a live Facebook interview on the Espresso page.

Already yesterday the number of infections (29 across the region) had bode well on the trend of the pandemic curve, but the victims were still 13. And moreover, Emilia Romagna is in full swing Phase 2, tending to 3: today the guidelines for the opening, already on Monday 8 June, of the summer centres for children and teenagers from 3 to 17 years old. The obstacle of serological tests remains, which many companies and many workers prefer not to do due to the obligation of quarantine (and officially on vacation) imposed up to the swab.

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