Coronavirus, Brusaferro: “Possible second wave but less violent”


TORINO – “A second wave (in the coronavirus epidemic in Italy ed) it is not obvious and it cannot be excluded but it cannot be compared with what we have experienced, however it will not have the same impact as the first“. So Silvio Brusaferro interviewed by Repubblica. “We must then distinguish the possible increased circulation of the virus from the effects it can cause: future scenarios will be determined by how we monitor, by the evolution of scientific knowledge and prevention, diagnosis and therapeutic tools, by the structures and health resources in the field and how we behave“he adds. According to the president of the Higher Institute of Health,”today masks are used when necessary, distances are respected, correct behaviors have entered normalcy and these are signals that can make us look confidently towards the future. Other very positive elements are the level of global attention to the problem, the measures taken at national level and the imposing efforts in scientific research, for example for the development of vaccines“.

Coronavirus, the balance sheet in Italy

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