Coronavirus, Bolivian mourning football: son, father and uncle dead


LA PAZ (Bolivia)The COVID-19 killed Deibert Frans Roman Guzman, 25 year old Bolivian footballer who lost his life in the first days of the week according to what was announced by the Federcalcio della Bolivia. In addition to the player from the Beni University, his father and uncle also died from the coronavirus. “The Bolivian Football Association expresses its most sincere condolences to Deibert Roman Guzman’s family and friends and we ask God to give them strength in these difficult moments“, the Federation note.

Bolivia, triple mourning in football for coronavirus

Guzman is the first footballer to lose his life for Covid-19. The boy had also played in the national team, as well as being raised in the Nacional Potosì. All three mourners are involved in one way or another with the world of football. Frans’ father, Luis Carmelo Roman, was the coach of Deportivo Perequije, while his uncle, Belizario Roman, was the former treasurer of the Associaçao Beniana de Futebol.

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