Coronavirus, Boccia: “The health passport is against the Constitution. On mobility, no distinctions between regions”


The Minister of Regional Affairs, Francesco Boccia, breaks the controversy over the health passports required by some governors for the coming summer holidays. “Health passport? Re-read article 120 of the Constitution: a Region cannot adopt measures that hinder the free movement of people,” he says during the hearing in the Federal Tax Commission of the Chamber. And he adds: “If scientists say there are no health passports, there are no”.A controversy – that on the health passport – which yesterday saw the protagonists above all the mayor of Milan, Beppe Sala, and the governor of Sardinia Christian Solinas, who asks for an immune license for Lombard tourists arriving on the beaches of the island (although the Sicilian Nello Musumeci first launched the proposal). The first citizen of Milan came to say: “When I decide where to go for a weekend or a holiday, I will remember it.”


Phase 2, Sala: “I will remember the Regions that ask the Lombards for an immunity license”. And to the government: “Tell us when we can travel”

In short, Boccia excludes a differentiated mobility at the regional level: “In the next few days with the last
click that will bring the country to move there must also be common sense. If all the regions start again, they start again without distinctions on the profile of the citizens of each region, the distinction between citizens of one city compared to the other is not foreseen, if we are healthy we move. It is different to foresee a quarantine phase, but we are not in that condition. And even then, an agreement between the parties is needed. “As for aid to the areas affected by the coronavirus, Boccia explains: “The Lombard provinces of Bergamo, Brescia, Cremona, Lodi and that of Piacenza in Emilia Romagna have experienced a disaster, the rest of the country a drama. I would not compare those provinces to the rest of Italy. “

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