Coronavirus: Bernini, ‘Count untie Mes knot immediately’


Rome, 28 May (Adnkronos) – “The situation is increasingly clear: the Next Generation Eu announced by the European Commission is a plan up to the current emergency, especially for Italy, but the June European Council will not be decisive and the negotiation with the ‘frugal’ countries it is announced long and difficult, so that money will only come in 2021. And it is no wonder that Europe asks for guarantees that they will be spent on investments and structural reforms, and not on other incomes of citizenship. We have to be realistic, and reality says that this year we will need the funds of the Mes, on whose use the majority remains deeply divided. This is a knot to be resolved immediately by Conte: every day of delay it is damage to the country. ” The president of Forza Italia senators Anna Maria Bernini declares it in a note.

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