Coronavirus, Basilicata with zero infections for the second day in a row, on 523 tampons


Second consecutive day for Basilicata with zero infections from Coronavirus. In the bulletin released by the regional task force it was reported that yesterday, May 24, 523 tests were carried out for Covid-19 infection, and none of them tested positive.

As part of the 523 swabs processed, 45 relate to the epidemiological screening of the municipality of Irsina and 329 to that of the municipality of Tricarico. 3 people recovered yesterday. With this update, the cases of contagion currently confirmed in the whole region are 34. Yesterday there were 37, from which the 3 people recovered must be removed. The total healed is 336.

To the total must be added 27 deceased people (9 from Potenza, 2 from Paterno, 1 from Spinoso, 1 from Moliterno, 1 from Villa d’Agri, 2 from Rapolla, 1 from Irsina, 1 from Montemurro, 1 from Pisticci, 2 from Matera , 1 from San Costantino Albanese, 2 from Avigliano, 1 from Tursi, 1 from Aliano, 1 from Bernalda), 336 recovered, 1 patient from Gravina di Puglia found by ASM, 2 patients diagnosed in other regions, residing in Basilicata where they are in home isolation and 2 other patients, one residing in Turin and two in the municipalities of Lombardy, all in home isolation in Basilicata.

Since the beginning of the health emergency, 26,634 swabs have been analyzed, of which 26,218 negative results. Currently, 13 patients are admitted to Lucanian hospital structures (San Carlo hospital and Madonna delle Grazie hospital) divided as follows: San Carlo hospital: infectious diseases 3, intensive care 0, pneumology 2; Madonna delle Grazie Hospital: infectious diseases 8, intensive care 0, pneumology 0.

The person who until yesterday was hospitalized in the intensive care unit of the Madonna delle Grazie hospital in Matera, following a double negative swab, was moved to an area not Covid, but from the same department. So he’s still in intensive care, but no longer for Covid-19. There are 21 Lucanians in home isolation.

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