Coronavirus Austria, the President of the Republic in a restaurant after a curfew


Alexander Van der Bellen (Ansa)
Vienna, 24 May 2020 – Even in the uncompromising Austria there are those who violate the restrictions for Coronavirus. And this time it is no less than the President of the Republic Alexander Van der Bellen, ‘pinched’ (and identified by the police) together with his wife Doris Schmidaue in a well-known Italian restaurant in the center of Vienna (in Annagasse). It was 00.18 when the agents entered the room for a check. The Austrian leader and consort were drinking at a table, the restaurant was officially closed since the current Covid rules indicate a curfew at 11pm. Those who remain open risk high fines of up to 30 thousand euros.

The civil protection bulletin of 24 May

The cops didn’t even need to ask Van der Bellen for general information, who immediately admitted the mistake. “I went out to eat for the first time after the blockade with two friends and my wife, we chatted and unfortunately lost track of time”, the President of the Republic justified himself. Who today reiterated: “I’m really sorry, it was a mistake”. Van der Bellen, unlike the Austrian Chancellor Kurz, has openly called for help “for the neighbors of the South”, including certainly Italy, hard hit by the Coronavirus pandemic.

Austria is one of the four EU countries that is pressing in Europe for a more “frugal” Recovery fund – a tool to push the recovery. Vienna, along with the Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark, would like loans and non-repayments to be granted to countries brought to their knees by the Covid emergency.

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