Coronavirus, at 103 years old, defeats the coronavirus and drains half a liter of beer – Il Tempo


Jennie Stejna, 103, celebrates her recovery from the coronavirus in a nursing home where she was hospitalized in Easton, Massachusetts by draining half a liter of beer, albeit a Budweisser light. Everyone was convinced that he would never make it, so much so that the nursing home granted a visit behind the windows of the ward where she was isolated to her granddaughter Shelley Gunn with her husband Adam Gunn. Adam asked, “Are you ready to go up to Heaven?”, And she replied: “To fall into hell for sure.” Jennie Stejna, who is of Polish origin (beer was family tradition), however, has postponed the appointment and is very happy to have done so. Granny has always lived in Massachusetts, where she married Teddy who left her widow in 1992 and left at 82. They got married in 1938, so they still lived 54 years together. She remained a widow and became an extraordinary bingo player and a huge fan of the Boston Red Sox, the most important baseball team in the state. Even today he wants to listen to their games on the radio ..

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