Coronavirus, Arera: 600 million discount on small business bills


(Teleborsa) – The reduction from 600 million euros for electricity bills of non-domestic users connected in low voltage through the decrease of the fixed components of the transportation, distribution and metering tariffs and general charges.

A few days after the publication of the Relaunch Decree in the Official Gazette, with the resolution approved today, ARERA made the measure envisaged by art. 30 which had been the subject of its report to the Government and to Parliament, as one of the proposals to contrast the emergency COVID-19.

For small businesses, artisans, bars, restaurants, workshops, professionals and services (non-domestic low voltage customers) with power greater than 3 kW, for the quarter May-June-July, the portion relating to power is zeroed and only a fixed portion of a reduced amount is applied (conventionally fixed at that corresponding to the committed power of 3 kW), without in any way reducing the actual service in terms of available power.

Savings for 3.7 million interested non-domestic customers – which comes to be worth around € 70 per month for a customer with a contract with a power of 15 kW – will be particularly incisive on the total expenditure of the bill for businesses still forced to close, reducing it by up to 70%. For the exercises that reopened, the savings will in any case be between 20% and 30% of the total bill expenditure.

“Speed ​​is an integral part of effectiveness, if it is a matter of providing companies with measures to support the resumption of business – said the president of ARERA, Stefano Besseghini – Electricity is not, however, the only cost item impacting industrial activities. The regulation makes it possible to guarantee similar and efficient allocation of resources also for any regulatory measures that the Government decides to dedicate to the water and waste sectors “.

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