Coronavirus, are anti-Covid gloves useful? The infectious disease specialist: “Better a sanitizing gel”


NEVER go out without a mask. Are gloves required instead? With the resumption of normal life and rising temperatures, going around the city with your nose and mouth closed is already difficult but the gloves are likely to be even more annoying. Also why are they really needed or are they useless (if not harmful) torture for our hands?


Masks, never in your pocket or placed on furniture: instructions for use

The risk of cross-contamination

Just like the hands, the gloves also get dirty and give us the illusion of being more protected but it is not said that this is the case. Much depends on how we use them. As a former emergency room nurse from Saginaw, Michigan explained very well in a video, after noticing that many people in the supermarket were wearing gloves as a precaution to avoid coronavirus infection. In a video he decided to demonstrate how easy and fast it is to spread germs. “I was painting around the house and I thought the paint would be a perfect medium to use to explain how cross contamination occurs,” said the former nurse.In his video, he simulates going to the supermarket and dips his fingers in a plate of paint to represent the virus on his hands due to contact with some contaminated objects. The end result shows how quickly the virus can spread even if gloves are worn. “In fact, the only truly indispensable safety device is the surgical mask,” he explains Claudio Mastroianni, vice-president of the Italian Society of Infectious and Tropical Diseases (Simit) and ordinary of infectious diseases at the Sapienza University of Rome. “Gloves are not indispensable, but are only needed in certain situations and when you are in closed and very crowded places”.

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At the restaurant

Let’s give some practical examples: should gloves be worn in a restaurant? Many people refuse to think that in order to eat outside it is better to wear gloves, but for the staff – who are obliged to wear them with the mask – it can be different: “The waiters who have to clean the tables have the obligation to put on the gloves but they should change them if they are to serve dishes “, explains Mastroianni who adds:” Gloves should always be worn if there are lesions on the skin such as, for example, an eczema “.

On public transportation

By subway or on buses? “In these cases – continues the infectious disease specialist – it can be useful to wear gloves because there are many people who have touched handles or seats and we cannot know if they all respected the rule of hand hygiene”.

At the supermarket

The same goes when you go to the supermarket, especially as they deliver them to the entrance as a rule for shopping: “In fact, even before the coronavirus gloves were worn to be able to take fruit and vegetables but few respected the rule”, he points out Mastroianni. “Now the attention is greater and the gloves must always be kept also to avoid touching the trolley on which many have placed their hands before us”.

And in the gym?

Being a community place, it may make sense to wear them. “People who train sweat and breathe more heavily and therefore droplets of sweat or droplets could end up on the tools. From this point of view, it would be useful to wear them but certainly training with latex gloves is not very enticing: better to wash your hands well and sanitize them with a disinfectant. ”

Most importantly wash your hands

In short, what do we conclude? “Gloves are not a decisive device as a means of avoiding contagion. In other words, you can also forget why you can go out without while the mask cannot be missing”, concludes Mastroianni who clarifies: “However, after removing the gloves you must wash your hands all the same. So, the ideal is to take the sanitizing gel with you to use frequently after touching different objects. ” But can gloves be reused perhaps by disinfecting them as you do with masks? “Cleaning gloves is much more difficult,” says the infectious disease specialist. “That’s why they should not be reused but disposed of by trying to make intelligent use of them to avoid having disposal problems. For example, putting on latex gloves to go shopping is a useless waste.”

The appeal of doctors in Lombardy

The Group of “Doctors, Dentists, Healthcare Workers and Healthcare Professionals (MOOSS) united against Covid-19” also spoke about the use of gloves “, which asked the junta of the Lombardy Region to revise the rule that obliges citizens to wear gloves on public transport. “Gloves do not protect against Covid-19 but offer a false idea of ​​safety, therefore if used incorrectly they risk becoming a virus vehicle rather than a barrier. Not to mention the impact they would have on the environment and public health and private: a massive and improper use of latex or rubber gloves among the population could in fact cause problems of supply of these personal protective equipment to health workers: the only ones who really need them to carry out their mission safely “.

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