Coronavirus, another 593 new cases in Italy: 382 only in Lombardy (64%). The victims drop. Fewer than 500 ICU patients


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In Italy others have been ascertained in the last 24 hours 593 new cases of coronavirus. The number provided by Civil protection confirms the increase that had already occurred yesterday, with a contagion growth rate still 0.25%. Of the new cases, 382 I’m alone in Lombardy, equal to 64.4% of today’s increase. The Lombards also register others 20 victims of Covid on the 70 total today in Italy. A number fallingafter the dead had been Wednesday 117. Lombardy is at the center of the debate on mobility and the reopening of regional borders. The governor Attilio Fontana, commenting on the data, he said he was “convinced that since 3 June Lombards will be free to move throughout Italy. ” The Region however is under observation even after the affirmation of Nino Cartabellotta, president of the Gimbe Foundation: “There is a reasonable suspicion that the Region adjust the data about contagion “. Defined charges “false”From the Pirellone.

So i still go up new positives in Italy: I am now 231732 the total infected. There are four regions to zero infections: Umbria, Sardinia, Calabria and Basilicata. National deaths rise to 33142. In Lombardy, 20 were registered on the last day, while yesterday they had been 58. Eight regions – Sicily, Umbria, Sardinia, Valle d’Aosta, Calabria, Molise, Basilicata and Trentino Alto Adige – do not register victims.

Fewer than 500 ICU patients: this has not happened since March 6
They went up to 150604 the healed and i resigned for coronavirus in Italy, with an increase compared to yesterday by 3,503. On Wednesday the increase had been 2,443. Consequently the number of sick people: are 47,986, 2,980 less than yesterday, when the drop had been 1,976. But above all, they are 489 the patients hospitalized in intensive care for Coronavirus, 16 less than yesterday. For the first time they go down below 500, never so few since March 6th. Of these, 173 are in Lombardy, 2 less than yesterday. The patients hospitalized with symptoms are instead 7,379, with a drop of 350 compared to yesterday, while those in home isolation are 40118, with a drop of 2,614 compared to yesterday.

The data Region by Region – In detail – according to the data released by the Civil Protection -, the currently positive are 22,913 in Lombardy (-1,124), 6,072 in Piedmont (-392), 3,750 in Emilia-Romagna (-248), 2,025 in Veneto (-262), 1,380 in Tuscany (-80), 1,145 in Liguria (-124), 3,405 in Lazio (-83), 1,346 in the Marche (-104), 1,012 in Campania (-134), 458 in the Autonomous Province of Trento (-19) , 1,395 in Puglia (-118), 1,145 in Sicily (-173), 336 in Friuli Venezia Giulia (-20), 824 in Abruzzo (-42), 157 in the Autonomous Province of Bolzano (-14), 33 in Umbria ( +1), 200 in Sardinia (-15), 23 in Valle d’Aosta (-4), 170 in Calabria (-20), 34 in Basilicata (-2), 163 in Molise (-3).
As for the victims, Lombardy 15,974 (+20), Piedmont 3,838 (+10), Emilia-Romagna 4,094 (+11), Veneto 1,898 (+3), Tuscany 1,029 (+2), Liguria 1,445 (+7), Lazio 708 (+7), Marche 997 (+1), Campania 410 (+4), Autonomous Province of Trento 462 (+0), Puglia 496 (+1), Sicily 272 (+0), Friuli Venezia Giulia 333 (+2 ), Abruzzo 402 (+2), Autonomous Province of Bolzano 291 (+0), Umbria 75 (+0), Sardinia 130 (+0), Valle d’Aosta 143 (+0), Calabria 96 (+0), Basilicata 27 (+0), Molise 22 (+0).

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