Coronavirus and the effects on sex: the performance study is born


“All aspects of our daily life have undergone changes and the impact on the couple’s quality of life has been strong: frustration, unease, drop in desire, anger and worsening in situations of forced proximity or improvement of sexual relations in stable couples? Depression about forced removals? The study wants to analyze some of these aspects “. Here is the new analysis conducted during the pandemic to study the repercussions that the Coronavirus could have on sex life of Italians. The study starts from the inter-company urological clinic with an andrological and urogynecological direction, directed by Elisabetta Costantini, associate professor of the University of Perugia, and is based on a multicenter epidemiology. Ester Illiano, Alessandro Zucchi, Giancarlo Bertuzzi and Francesco Trama also participate in the research.

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Coronavirus and sex: the study

“The anonymous survey, also launched online – explains Illiano, operational manager of the study – it was created on a scientific basis, with standardized questionnaires that evaluate the quality of sexual function in both sexes and with questions that analyze the psychological aspects, all coordinated by Professor Ruggiero Gennaro of the Vanvitelli University of Naples. In the study we have involved other university urological centers: Florence, Foggia, Bari, Rome, Verona and hospital centers, which have given wide diffusion to the scientific initiative. We must now wait for the results of the statistical analysis – explains Costantini – and correlate the data with the psychological aspects. Covid19 has certainly influenced the quality of our sex life, but how and to what extent we will see it shortly “. Over 1,500 questionnaires have already been received – it is said in a statement from the University of Perugia – and the survey had international repercussions, with Spain, Egypt, France and the Netherlands joining the initiative.


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