Coronavirus and socio-economic crisis, comparison with the Acli of Rome


Thursday 21 May 2020 – 15:35

Coronavirus and socio-economic crisis, comparison with the Acli of Rome

With the bishop Palmieri and the councilor of the Tagliavanti Region

Rome, 21 May (askanews) – Monday 25 May 2020, at 6 pm, on the Facebook page of the ACLI of Rome aps it will be possible to follow the online debate entitled: “From Covid-19 to the socio-economic crisis: tracks of commitment beyond emergencies”.

The meeting will be attended by Lidia Borzì, ACLI president of Rome, Mons. Gianpiero Palmieri, auxiliary bishop Diocese of Rome and delegate for charity, Alessandra Troncarelli, councilor for social policies of the Lazio Region, Lorenzo Tagliavanti, president of the Chamber of Commerce of Rome, and Francesco Franceschi, director of the emergency department at the Agostino Gemelli Polyclinic.

“The health emergency COVID19 has triggered a vicious circle – explains Lidia Borzì, president of the ACLI of Rome and its province – in which health problems have been joined by the blockade of the economy, due to the lockdown, and an aggravation of the employment crisis , which particularly affected the most fragile groups of workers, such as those with low wages and low wages and those struggling with undeclared work, a regrettable but undeniable fact. A large number of people floating in a problematic daily life now risk sinking under the blows of a crisis that is health and economic, but also social, amplified by a welfare system already previously fragmented and folded back on the emergency “.

“Nothing – adds Borzì – will be more like before, so the way of approaching these areas to meet new and emerging needs must also change, overcoming the logic of the watertight compartments. Precisely for this reason we wanted to promote this moment of online debate with representatives of the world of politics, the church, trade and health, to reflect and identify interconnected and interdependent paths of commitment “.


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