Coronavirus and Recovery Fund, Franceschini and the jackpot for the turning point


Between the words of the governor of Bankitalia and i Istat data, between the collapsing GDP and the rising debt, it is impossible to see an empty glass half full. Yet Dario Franceschini urges colleagues in government to look at the situation from another perspective: We have an incredible opportunity ahead.

Coronavirus has infected the world economy and further debilitated an already fragile system like the national one, but the crisis can turn into an opportunity – according to the Minister of Culture – because for the first time in more than thirty years an executive can spend resources for the country instead of cutting them: from Amato onwards it has always been a lent, and in Europe it was necessary to fight for the flexibility of some decimal. Now instead the Stability Pact has been suspended, which has allowed us to ask for a budgetary deviation of more than eighty billion in Parliament, there will be the Recovery fund, there will be the Mes that we will take …

For a politically fragile coalition, called to bear an unbearable burden on anyone, this is a jackpot that could change the fate of the country: It would be the image of this government and this majority for the future. Provided you know how to guess the moves. And here’s the thing. Like Turkish coffee, Franceschini’s speeches deposit a dust on the bottom, and all his reasoning rests on the last sentence, which is the key to interpreting the thought of the Head of Delegation of the Democratic Party: a spur for internal use, for Palazzo Chigi and for the majority parties; but also a message addressed to the outside, to those who – from Governor Visco to the president of Confindustria Bonomi – actually urge the government to adopt a vision. And if they ask, it means that they haven’t seen it so far. The leader of the Pd Delrio – who first placed the theme in the Palace – after the European summit underlined in a note how it will be decisive for our country to arrive at the appointment with the use of the huge resources that will be made available, with clear and courageous ideas. Not with existing “maintenance” projects. Ed seemed to be referring to Conte, who had presented his recovery plan for Italy in the Corriere. In short, the jackpot is there. But fundamental not to waste it.

For example, the installation of the 55 billion relaunch decree was not at all liked by the representatives of the majority in Parliament. Listening to them, he seemed to hear those of the opposition: It had to be simple and quick to apply, to ensure immediate effects on the system. Instead it has more than ninety ministerial decrees. But this will have no effect. Having a vision is not enough if you end up clashing with the problem of its implementation: and the sigh of the exponent government grill a curtain wide open on the daily difficulties of Palazzo Chigi, where ministerial logic adds up to political complications. To overcome the former, the field should be cleared of the latter, and instead the fateful Simplification decree – announced as the panacea – on the high seas for certain rigidities in the Democratic Party and in the 5 Stars. They then tell that it is no longer Salvini who worries Conte, but the mothers: if sovereignty is considered an out-of-date currency, today the challenge (one among many) is to plan the reopening of schools for September. With the rules established by the Scientific Technical Committee, it will not be possible to resume lessons physically, the leader of Iv Boschi predicted yesterday. It will be a moment of great criticism, the prime minister confessed. Autumn promises to be full of unknowns, in the government there are those who fear liquidity problems and those who never stop talking about the risks of social tensions. But in the face of these apocalyptic scenarios Franceschini urges for once the colleagues of the executive to overturn the order of things, to see that glass that appears dangerously empty half full: We have an incredible opportunity. You have to know how to take advantage. Otherwise…

May 29, 2020 (change May 29, 2020 | 10:45 pm)


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