Coronavirus and Phase two in Tuscany, the latest news


Cases of coronavirus positivity in Tuscany rise to 10,067, only 5 more than the previous day and no new cases in Florence. They are low numbers (0.05% more) even compared to only 1138 swabs performed on Sunday. That added to the previous ones reach an altitude of 230,273, while those analyzed yesterday are 1,288. Inpatients grew to 189, 3 more than the previous day. Including 37 in intensive care. The new infections were 2 in Pisa, 2 in Pistoia and 1 in Livorno. Two new deaths, both women, average 91.5 years. In all they reach 1,015. While 64 newcomers have healed, overall now 5,846. The current positives are now 3,206. Currently there are 9006 people in compulsory or precautionary quarantine: 1,447 at home with mild symptoms and 7,559 in active surveillance.

Bocelli gives plasma: I infected
Andrea Bocelli went to the collection center of the Cisanello hospital in Pisa this morning to donate plasma for the purpose of the study, coordinated by the Aoup, on the care for Covid patients. In fact, the artist was among the positive cases of Coronavirus as revealed by himself this morning: the discovery on March 10 after having made the swab. Speaking with journalists outside the hospital, Bocelli explained that he had no particular problems: a little bit of fever but in practice he was asymptomatic. Infected, he explained, even his wife, who in turn donated plasma, and two children.

Free travel? The tension rises. The effects of March 9 weigh on
The President of the Region Enrico Rossi goes there with lead feet and the Tuscan Municipalities ask for even more explicit caution. On June 3, a key date of phase 2: according to the calendar proposed by the government, the reopening of the borders between the Regions should start. But after the 18 May price, when the executive’s assurances about the gradualness of the reopenings had been followed by a change of course overnight, Rossi and his team do not want to find out. They observe, await official data and prepare countermeasures. To guide the possible moves of the Tuscan junta will be above all the data of the contagions: those of the territory and those of the other regions, among which those of the North that have suffered most from the virulence of Covid. And if the silence of the Region tells of navigation on sight to avoid the dangers, the words of the president of Anci Toscana Matteo Biffoni give a clear direction to the concernsterritorial portions. A little caution – he explains – I would use it. It is true that all the activities have been reopened, but the crossing has not ended. I say this with respect and affection for Lombardy, an important part of our tourism: some concern this choice to open immediately – explains the mayor of Prato – is the d. Moreover, just yesterday in Lombardy 34 new victims of the virus were reported, after the zero mark dn Sunday. Biffoni indicates the flank discovered in the concern of this region, which has already suffered the consequences of the Lombard tourist flow in the days of the first alarm, in March. If I can be honest, the fact that the areas around Versilia and Abetone were the most affected at the beginning of the lockdown, after the visit of some tourists, to tell us that the danger exists. The situation of free everyone between the regions – adds the regional president of the ANCI – now seems excessive to me. On 3 June not written in marble, we are here to fight with the nightlife and with the economic emergencies, if we exaggerate – concludes Biffoni using the football metaphor – somewhere the goal is taken, it is not repaired. Let’s see the numbers behind June 3, then we’ll decide.

Florence s at tables in the square and streets
Green light from the City Council of Florence to increase the space occupied by tables of bars and restaurants in the open air, and to the evening pedestrian traffic on the weekends of streets and squares. They may take place at the request of a group of exhibitors from the same area or gathered in a natural shopping center (new yesterday), even with activities not related to the administration of drinks and food such as, for example, craft or commercial activities. An emergency measure to help recovery and businesses – explained the commissioner of the budget of Palazzo Vecchio, Federico Gianassi – which will last from June to September, extendable to October, with times compatible with the noise regulation. No late night tables therefore, the majority rejected an amendment from the League which asked for it to be possible to keep them open until 2 on weekdays and until 3 on holidays. The measure will concern the whole city and not only the historic center. The long debate – almost seven hours, the opposition tabled 25 amendments – saw the junta’s text confirmed, with a novelty (at the suggestion of the various political forces) concerning the natural shopping centers that will have the opportunity to present projects without limits 25% and 50% expansion with respect to the public land already granted in the event that projects are presented on squares, open spaces and green areas or for temporary pedestrianization: these projects will have to be examined by the administration. The resolution, which will be followed in a few days by the disciplinary to fix the days of pedestrianization and times, a temporary, emergency response, which will be added to other measures – explained Gianassi

Tuscany rejects civic assistants
Skepticism and failures. The Tuscan mayors do not like the position of the 60 thousand civic assistants that the Minister of Regional Affairs Francesco Boccia intends to make available to the Municipalities to manage the entrances to public spaces and to enforce social distancing. After criticism within the same government majority – they are against the 5 Stars and the Minister of the Interior Luciana Lamorgese – Boccia’s leap forward has not received favors even among the Tuscan mayors, although the initiative seems to have been agreed with the national president of Anci Antonio Decaro.

Gyms and sports centers, sprint restart
After two months of stop, even for gyms, swimming pools and sports centers, from yesterday I was able to resume my usual activity. A moment awaited by managers and sportsmen, happy to be able to return to train in known environments even if in completely different ways. We have worked hard – says Alberto Scardigli of the Olympus gym in via Ripoli – and we are happy to welcome our customers. It was not easy to follow all the instructions, but slowly we will find the right square in respect of everyone’s health. Virgin is also open but not all gyms have taken advantage of the first useful date. Some who, like Stilnuovo di viale dei Mille, despite having sanitized, will reopen on 2 June. A symbolic date for our nation – explains President Francesco Annunziata – and a way to evaluate the program that we are giving ourselves with shifts and numbers to be respected in the rooms and in the changing rooms. Among the big disappointed expectations of these reopenings there are the swimming pools. In addition to those inside the gyms, very few have reactivated the lanes. Costoli remains closed, so Rari Nantes and Goffredo Nannini in Bellariva. The amateur sports club Gli Amici del Nuoto in via del Romito is instead open. We have adapted to the rules that the protocol has given us – explains Gianluca Gaviraghi, head of the self-control plan – so we try to guarantee 7 square meters per person. We clean changing rooms and water twice a day. We therefore started the complete free swimming program, the training of the children who make the competitions and the simplest activities in different time slots. Attention and respect of the protocols also at the sports center Gli Assi which since yesterday has seen athletes on the track and tennis players on the clay courts. All outdoor activities are resumed according to the rules – explains director Roberto Sarti – for tennis there is an obligation to wear a glove in the hand that does not hold the racket, and this is to ensure the hygiene of the balls. We have also reactivated the courses for children by re-modulating the number of participants and always thinking about the little ones, we are working on the summer centers that we will activate from June 15th.

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