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TORINO. The 15 million amendment proposed by the junta to extend the non-refundable bonus to commercial categories hitherto excluded, also included adult goods stores, about thirty throughout Piedmont. Surprisingly, however, a sub-amendment signed by the group leader of the Lega Alberto Preioni proposes to exclude this category from the bonus. “A change that gives rise to a cost savings of € 51 thousand” can be read in the reasons for Preioni’s request.

In the general embarrassment, the amendment ends in the vote and passes with the favorable opinion of the president of the junta Alberto Cirio and the councilor for work Elena Chiorino. “A discriminatory intervention and a stick that you really can’t understand” attacks Luv’s Marco Grimaldi, who, together with the opposition, voted against. “Why were the religious goods stores included, the ones that sell ropes and trinkets and the adult goods stores not? An unacceptable moral judgment is implicit in this attitude of the majority, “adds Luv’s group leader. “The issue of bonuses has increasingly grotesque outlines” add the councilors of Pd, M5S, Monviso and Moderati list. “Yesterday the letter from Confartigianato complaining about the lack of dialogue with the categories certifies that this junta has managed to infuriate even those who should instead be satisfied with the disbursement of bonuses”. The first payments left two days ago. There are 18.5 million paid to over eight thousand beneficiaries on an audience of over 60 thousand. With the amendment under discussion, the total amount of the regional non-refundable bonus should rise to 131 million euros.

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