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The pandemic coronavirus it also influences the world of sport. follows the main updates of the day in real time.18.32 The conference call between the Minister of Sports Vincenzo Spadafora, Figc, Leagues, Footballers, Coaches and Referees has started a few minutes ago to discuss the resumption of the championships.

18.10 The president of Lyon Jean-Michel Aulas he returned to talk about the stop of the French championship, making a new appeal to the federal leaders: “The Premier League will resume on June 17th. Let us resume training from June 2nd and then play behind closed doors in July, just 15 days after the British and everyone else. ”

17:50 Unlike many other players in the world of football, the former captain of the national team Fabio Cannavaro expressed skepticism towards the restart of the Serie A. These are his words a The morning: “Here in China the championship should resume in October. It seems absurd to me that we play in Germany and perhaps also in Italy, we talk about respecting people’s lives. Empty stages? Playing this way is useless. ”

17.35 The Technical-scientific Committee of the government expressed his appreciation for the protocol valid for the resumption of the professional football leagues presented by the FIGC. The reportsHandle, in view of the decisive meeting at 18.30, underlining that the quarantine obligation remains for the whole team in the event of a player or staff member being infected with the virus.

5.15 pm La Liga, in agreement with Mediapro, officially communicated that the league matches after the resumption will be broadcast free of charge for RSA guests, the category most affected by the coronavirus emergency.

17:05 The president of the FIGC Gabriele Gravina he spoke at a conference organized by the University of Bologna and the sports law magazine and had his say about the possible resumption of Serie A: “For me it was a very sad parenthesis, and I will make it clear, to note that in the world of football some do everything they can not to play, convinced that in this way they would not pay some monthly payments to their members. All this convinced me to carry on this battle. I know how many Italians think that one should not play: I understand that it will be sad to see the games behind closed doors, but if the economy of our country starts again, it cannot fail to restart one of its most important industries “.

16.55 The meetings between the Spanish professional clubs and the top footballers continue to fix the resumption of activity after the stop for the coronavirus. According to what was reported by the president of the Liga Javier Tebas a Brand, we go to the ok for the restart of Primera and Segunda Division for Sunday 14 June, with the possibility, however, that the 28th day Seville derby will be played on 11. The intention is to end the La Liga by 19 July and then kick off the Segunda playoffs, to be concluded no later than 2 August.

16.45 The Premier League starts again on 17 June with the challenges Aston Villa-Sheffield United and Manchester City-Arsenal. Short official.15:00 Damiano Tommasi, president ofAssocalciatori, speaks, during a live broadcast Facebook with The morning, of the resumption of the championship: “One of the major critical issues that we hope to resolve is the match at 4.30pm which in Italy in June and July is unthinkable. Today we have athletes who will have to play close and intense matches after a long period of inactivity and therefore we must put them in the best conditions, also from the climatic point of view. The players are not robots and therefore it is clear that there are concerns, which also concern the fact that if the championship starts again you will have to play every three days. When it is said that ‘we have to start again’, it is not who goes on the pitch who decides. ”

14:00 Two positive players in the Fulham, here’s one in Blackburn. It’s about Elliott Bennett, captain of the English team, asymptomatic.

13.31 Enrico Castellacci, president of the Medici Football Association, spoke at Radio Punto Nuovo, explaining: “The positive suspicion of Bologna has frightened. In the unfortunate hypothesis that Mihajlović’s collaborator was positive, the whole team would have had to go into a trust quarantine, while continuing to train. This is the risk: that a positive will arise in the different teams. When the championship starts again, if something like this happens, it would have a devastating effect on the championship. Fourteen days are a long time, there will hardly be any chance of recovery. I believe that by controlling the decrease in the epidemiological curve, we can reduce the quarantine from 14 to 7 days, checking all components with swabs and serological tests. At this rate, the championship could be given a chance to end. ”

12:00 From tomorrow, in Hungary, yes to the open doors for football matches. There is a green light from the government, now there is no OK from the Magyar football club and federation.

11:00 Troy Deeney, man symbol of Watford, returns to train with the rest of his teammates, after he said no when he returned to the field so as not to endanger the health of his 5-month-old son. These are his words to CNN Sport: “Actually I just said that I would not go back to training for the first week, but everyone understood my words as a definitive refusal. I received messages in which my son was wished to get Coronavirus. We live in a time when everyone talks about mental health and we are stimulated to talk about the problems that plague us. Then Danny Rose does it, I do it too and they massacre us. So of course the players think ‘okay, so I better not say anything. ”

10:00 New round of tampons for Roma. From protocol, in fact, Dzeko and companions, in the field at 10 for training, have undergone the tampon today, not the serological test, however, which is done every other week.

9:00 Gianni De Biasi, former technical commissioner of theAlbania, says his, al Corriere dello Sport, on the resumption of the championship and on the role that the coach will have: “Lighten. In my opinion, this must be the task of the coach in front of a group of boys who have been back for two months and go through a pandemic, between anxieties, anxieties and fears that inevitably left a trace in each of us. Lighten psychological pressure, lighten workloads, lighten everyday life. Rediscover a playful sense of football by lightening everything. Withdrawals, elevating temperatures, tampons, playing every 3 days? They are mental blowjobs. The real sacrifices are others, they know it too. They are boys between 20 and 33 years of age who stay together, train, play on the Playstation, watch TV, joke. There is worse, isn’t it? “

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