“Coronavirus and Kawasaki syndrome: the link has finally been found”


NEW YORK (United States) – The Coronavirus seemed to have spared the children, but a disturbing trend would emerge from the United States: many of them, positive for Covid-19, would have developed a delayed “pro-inflammatory cytokine storm” that would lead to symptoms referring to Kawasaki syndrome (a rare pediatric condition characterized by potentially lethal inflammation of the blood vessels, usually preceded by fever and rash). The connection, believed to be strong and dangerous, would have been detected by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which would have immediately alarmed health professionals. The doctors of the Icahn School of Medicine of Mount Sinai Hospital were the first to publish a detailed report on the phenomenon: the same cytokine storm would have been found in 4 children of the sample analyzed even after recovery from the Coronavirus. In the United States, moreover, we are talking about 16 thousand under 24 positive and, although almost all asymptomatic or with mild symptoms, 112 deaths have been recorded (of which 19 among the under 14). Finally, complications similar to Kawasaki syndrome would have affected 100 American children, a phenomenon that would have recently been observed in Europe as well.


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