Coronavirus and football: suspected positivity, Bologna training sessions stop – La Stampa


A case of “suspected positivity” to the coronavirus in the Bologna Calcio staff. It is the club itself that gave the news, explaining that it emerged in the last series of exams to which the team-group was subjected. «Pending further investigation, the team as a precaution will resume training individually and at different times tomorrow without using common rooms. If the positivity is confirmed, the team-team will be isolated in retreat », the company continues.

Coronavirus, suspected positive case in Bologna: individual team training

Bologna has started training in groups since last week (after a phase of individual training) and in recent days has made the first match under Sinisa Mihajlovic’s orders. The suspected positivity of a member of his staff is also a cause for concern because the Bologna coach has undergone a bone marrow transplant in recent months after he was diagnosed with leukemia.

Bologna has suspended training as a precaution. The latest version of the protocol approved by the Scientific Technical Committee also provides for the stop to individual training and the isolation of athletes and technicians in the event of confirmed positivity.

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