Coronavirus and fake news: the 5 Italian ” super speaker ” Twitter profiles of buffaloes


More than half a million people involved and a series of accounts on Twitter that propagate disinformation in a serial way between France, Italy and Germany. NewsGuard, the American company founded by journalists that censuses and analyzes information sites, establishing their degree of reliability, has tracked down sixteen accounts that act as “super diffusers” of fake news on the coronavirus, five of which are Italian.

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Coronavirus, also Twitter against conspiracy theorists: tweets linking Covid and 5G are banned

Taken together they reach around 616,600 people, who in turn may have further propagated the false information through their accounts. All reported messages were published after March 18, the day the social network announced further efforts to stem the problem of disinformation. In two cases, one in France and one in Germany, these are accounts verified by Twitter, therefore the identity of the owner has been confirmed. Others, however, are profiles that in the past had already distinguished themselves in disseminating fake news. For example, the German Compact-Magazin website had published conspiracy theories of 9/11, while the French far-right Egalite Et Reconciliation shared misinformation about the civil war in Syria.


Coronavirus, the Facebook & Co alliance: “Let’s work together against fake news”

In Italy it shines Alessandro Meluzzi with an audience of over 70 thousand people. Former MP from Forza Italia, but in reality since the seventies he has practiced in every political spectrum starting from the Italian Communist Party and ending up in the Brothers of Italy, in his biography he defines himself as “Psychiatrist Doctor, psychologist and psychotherapist, criminologist. Professor of Forensic Psychiatry “. Not only that: it is the primate of the Ancient Eastern Autocephalous Italian Orthodox Church, a branch not recognized by the other Orthodox churches in which Meluzzi plays the role of archbishop with the name of Alexander I.In a Tweet of April 16, he published a link to a video containing a part of the interview with the American Shiva Ayyadurai, known for his odd theories and for claiming to be the inventor of the email. Ayyadurai in that video explains that Covid-19 is the work of deviated organs of the state and that it can be fought by being in the sun or taking vitamin D. Still on May 9 Meluzzi has instead promoted another interview, this time at the US No Vax Judy Mikovit: the origin of the pandemic would be in a 2013 flu vaccine.

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The whole truth about 5G

Even Byoblu in Italy has more than 70 thousand followers. It is the blogger’s website Claudio Messora which on March 19 published the opinion of Stefano Montanari, scientific popularizer for the No Vax movements, according to which “healthy people suffer absolutely no damage from this virus” and “mortality is very low, probably even non-existent”. On May 12, Messora takes up another message from Montanari: “The coronavirus is a hoax. If it had been treated correctly it would have gone unnoticed”.

With Patrizia Rametta, regional coordinator of the League in Sicily, we go down to 37 thousand followers. But the contents are basically the same starting from a great classic: “Bill Gates has had the Corona Virus patent since before the pandemic”. Performed by Cesare Sacchetti, author of the blog, who said: “The emails hacked by the USA would confirm very serious facts. The coronavirus would have been modified in the laboratory with HIV to be released intentionally. All this to reach a goal: Bill’s microchip Gates and Rockefeller “. Finally Elio Lannutti, senator of the 5 Star Movement, 24 thousand followers and the certainty that “intravenous vitamin C can help cure pneumonia and prevent viral replication”.

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Gates is target no. 1 of the conspiracy theorists: it even surpasses the Covid-5G hoax

Compared to what was seen on Facebook, in the previous survey conducted by NewsGuard, the numbers are different. According to Audiweb, the social network led by Jack Dorsey has 10.5 million users here compared to 37.4 million for Mark Zuckerberg. The report then does not mention how many contents of this kind have been removed, limiting themselves to reporting these five accounts, followed by over 20 thousand people, who have published undisturbed fake news.

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NewsGuard: “Here are the ten Facebook pages that spread misinformation about coronaviruses in Italy”

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