Coronavirus, also today in Calabria “0 positive”: only 3 cases in the last 8 days, new buffer boom! The emergency is behind us [DATI]


May 28, 2020 5:05 pm

Coronavirus, the bulletin of the Calabria Region updated to today 28 May

No dead, 20 healed and no positive case on 1,325 people subjected to swab: the sanitary and epidemiological situation referring to the Coronavirus pandemic in Calabria is extraordinarily positive, with just 3 positive cases in the last 8 days. Yet we are on May 28, almost two weeks have passed since the reopening of the 18th and it is confirmed how high StrettoWeb we have been writing for a long time, and that is that there is no longer any reason to be afraid of a scenario that in reality has never been an emergency but which for over a month has largely left the most delicate and worrying phase behind. There are many controversies and discussions on the “nightlife“, On the”masks“And on”gatherings“But in reality the most relevant aspect is the climatic and seasonal one, too often ignored, and if the virus is not circulating, it is likely that concerts, matches and events could also take place which the risk of contagion would be substantially zero in the face of a situation very comforting epidemiology, both in Calabria and in all other realities with a similar Mediterranean climate (Sicily, Sardinia, Malta, Greece, Cyprus, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, southern and eastern Spain).

The number of Covid-19 cases in Calabria since the start of the pandemic is of 1,158 people up 64.697 test subjects. The percentage of the positive on the controlled is of1, 7% and it’s by far the lowest in Italy. In Calabria they were even buffered 55.8 people for each positive. It is the most important data that testifies to the number of swabs carried out compared to the actual spread of the pandemic, and is the highest number in all of Italy, confirming the very high number of swabs carried out in the Calabrian territory.

The Calabrian Regional summary updated at 5pm today (official data):

  • Total cases: 1,158
  • Dead: 96
  • Healed: 892
  • Currently ill: 170
  • Admitted to wards: 31
  • Intensive care patients: 1
  • In home isolation: 138

THE 1,158 cases of Calabria are divided as follows into the 5 Provinces of the Region:

  • Cosenza 468 cases: 34 dead, 333 healed, 2 in ward, 99 in home isolation.
  • Reggio Calabria 275 cases: 18 dead, 229 healed, 3 in wards, 25 in home isolation.
  • Catanzaro 217 cases: 33 dead, 154 healed, 25 in the ward, 1 in intensive care, 4 in home isolation.
  • Crotone 117 cases: 6 dead, 105 healed, 1 in the ward, 5 in home isolation.
  • Vibo Valentia 81 cases: 5 dead, 71 healed, 5 in home isolation.

Here is the graph with the trend of new cases of daily contagion in Calabria:

Voluntary quarantined individuals are 9,469, Distributed as follows:

  • Crotone: 2,913
  • Catanzaro: 2,847
  • Reggio Calabria 1,884
  • Cosenza: 1,544
  • Vibo Valentia: 281

Note: The total of Catanzaro cases includes subjects from other structures and provinces who have been discharged over time. It should be noted that two patients from other provinces were hospitalized at the Polyclinic of Germaneto. Deceased persons are indicated in the province of origin and not in that in which the death occurred. The count also includes the two patients from Bergamo transferred to Catanzaro, while the numbers of the infection received after the communication of the data to the National Civil Protection are not included.

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