Coronavirus, after quarantine Lombard and Piedmontese hunting for luxury villas in Liguria



Liguria. Portofino, Santa Margherita but also Zoagli and Alassio, these are the destinations on which above all Lombard is Piedmont are aiming for summer 2020. The most sought after are the luxury villas, of excellent renovation, with at least 10 beds and important outdoor spaces. The swimming pool is also essential. For solutions with these characteristics, the demand is very high, especially by Italians who will spend their holidays in our country for this year.

This is what Santandrea Luxury Houses points out, which, through the company of the specialized group Gabetti Short Rent, deals with the rental of prestigious properties for short periods, especially villas or penthouses.

“In the last week alone, we have received at least twenty requests for villas with swimming pools for the Ligurian coast – said Emiliano di Bartolo, CEO of the company -. With the unknown beaches and coronaviruses, the swimming pool is no longer an optional, but an essential prerogative. It’s about villas that have quite high rents: we also get to 2,000 euros per day, if very large and with several beds. Most of them are travelers who prefer to use a house with all comforts not be conditioned by the rules, rightly taken to respect safety, in villages or hotels “

“If smart working will definitely become part of the life of Italians, as can be presumed, many will wonder about how best to spend those 4 days (including the weekend) in which you can stay at home – adds Cristiano Tommasini, director Santandrea Genova and Santa Margherita Ligure -. The events that have characterized the last few months have in many cases transformed the second home into a second residence, highlighting the potential it will have in the near future “.

The need to use our homes for a longer time, according to experts, will not only determine new features required in the main home in the city, but could precisely affect a greater propensity to use second homes. “We therefore expect that, who is not lucky enough to have a second home, will seriously consider the idea of ​​buying one, and Liguria will certainly benefit from this trend, we are already experiencing it. It is also plausible to think, in the face of the strong losses of all the world stock exchanges, that those who have liquidity can go back to investing in safe-haven assets par excellence, starting with real estate “, concludes Tommasini.

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