Coronavirus, 5 million cases worldwide. WHO: “The road is still long”


Five millions. This is the number of coronavirus infections worldwide, according to data from Johns Hopkins University. The number of deaths caused by the virus is currently 328,172.

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In Europe, Sweden is worried, where the soft strategy has failed. The Scandinavian country has become the one with the highest mortality rate in the world – 6.08 per million inhabitants – ahead of Great Britain (5.57), Belgium (4.28), the United States (4.11). and Italy (3), at least according to the data, processed by the research site Our World in Data which refer only to the last week, from 12 to 19 May. Throughout the pandemic, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Great Britain and France hold the sad record. This is why Anders Tegnell, the epidemiologist who convinced the Stockholm government not to close the country for even a day and to rely on the sense of responsibility of the population, criticized the data by branding them as misleading because they were based only on a week. Sweden has kept schools open for children under the age of 16, along with cafes, bars, restaurants and businesses, simply urging people to comply with the guidelines on social distancing. According to Johns Hopkins University, to date it has recorded 31,523 infections and 3,831 deaths. Much higher numbers than neighboring Denmark and Norway, which have instead adopted lockdown strategies in line with the rest of Europe. “The battle against Covid-19 is a marathon,” said Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven defending his government’s choices which, he believes, “in the long run” will prove more effective than the total blockade. “It is easy to impose the lockdown, more difficult to remove it”, is the opinion of Tegnell according to which for the population “it is more complicated to follow recommendations when one day you are told one thing and the next day another.”

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