Coronaviru: Bernini, ‘strong but close to reality accusations from Bonomi’


Rome, 31 May (Adnkronos) – “By saying that this policy risks doing more damage to Italy than Covid, the president of Confindustria Bonomi has made a very strong accusation but unfortunately dramatically close to reality”. This was stated by Anna Maria Bernini, group leader of FI in the Senate.

“It is a fact that the decrees to stem the crisis – he adds – have all focused on increasing current expenditure without having to deal with investments, thus continuing the policies of the last governments. We must be clear because there is no more time to lose: spending means citizenship income, share 100, Alitalia, scooters, rain subsidies. Investing is instead industry 4.0, unblocking construction sites, strengthening health school and research, more digital networks. The problem is therefore not whether to take funds from the Mes outraged if Europe asks us how we will spend those of the Recovery Fund: the problem is this government unable to look beyond the emergency “.

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