Controversy and selfishness about the Italian Cup: the virus has not made our leaders better. Aren’t they ashamed? | First page


At the beginning of the lockdown it was said that the dramatic experience of coronavirus would have improved humanity, making them rediscover contact with higher and more intimate values. Now we can say that it did not happen, at least not for everyone, and just read the news pages, from Italy and abroad, to realize it. It certainly did not happen for Italian football masters, at least to listen to the controversies that, under trace, were triggered following the first drafts of the calendar in view of the restart. Understand, mind you, in the corridors of the buildings, because to make a controversy in the open air, on such a futile theme, perhaps they are a little ashamed too.

Because it takes a lot of courage to complain for the fact that, at the start, their teams will play many games in a few days (but go? What did they expect if you want to end by the end of July? To play once a week?). It takes courage to do, ready to go, a controversy on the football calendar, while the country is not yet out of emergency COVID-19, while the economy is on its knees, while their own world, that of football, is in serious suffering, with dozens of amateur clubs, and maybe even a few professional clubs, which will not survive this period. And to do it after he fought for weeks (not everyone to tell the truth) to return to play.But no, they complain because the Italian Cup matches are too close, because it will be played too much and immediately. And they let them know they are angry. And they threaten. Also to let Primavera play (for some, it’s a classic). No, the virus hasn’t changed them for the better. They are always the same, old, managers that brought Italian football into the conditions we know well.

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