Conte’s recovery plan


Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announces an Italian “recovery plan” in seven points, a strategic plan for the relaunch of the country, in a letter published by Corriere della Sera and the newspaper. It will focus on new infrastructures and the revitalization of public works. Not only, “we will introduce incentives for digitization, to electronic payments and innovation. ” And “we must multiply the useful tools to strengthen the capitalization and consolidation of companies, also in order to support the activity of the production chains in the recovery phase, with particular regard to those in greatest suffering”.

According to the premier, we also need “a decisive action by relaunch of public and private investments and a drastic reduction in bureaucracy. We will be able to use European resources to build the country’s strategic infrastructures, starting from the large telematic, water and energy networks “. And “we will introduce measures that are worth doing a cultural revolution in public administration. Public officials, although with a view to rigor and transparency, must be incentivized to assume their respective responsibilities. We will ensure that excessive legal uncertainty about serious honest officials, for example by limiting them more punctually the crime of abuse of office and the same tax liability “.

“A gradual but decisive transition towards a sustainable economy is needed – explains the Prime Minister -, linked to the European green deal”. And we must “focus on a large investment for the right to study and for the innovation of the educational offer, so that Italy is among the first places in Europe for young people with university degrees”.

Another point highlighted by the premier highlights the need for “Shorten the time of criminal justice and civil justice”, as well as organically reform the civil code. Hence the invitation to the parties to confront “with the utmost speed” with respect to these three reform projects present in Parliament. And then the improvement of company law, “introducing leaner and more efficient governance models”.

Finally, the announcement of the introduction of “a serious tax reform. We can no longer afford – observes Conte – an unfair and inefficient tax department. The current tax discipline is an inextricable maze. Fifty years have passed since we no longer intervene with an organic reform “, and” we must have the courage to rearrange the system of deductions and deductions: the fairness and progressiveness of the tax system also passes through this intervention. We have to clean up, distinguishing recoverable debts from those that are not and make tax justice more transparent. “

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