Conte’s dossier against Fontana. But it makes water everywhere


Red zone? From what we know it is a decision governmental“. Deputy Prosecutor Maria Cristina Rota explained this on Friday, thus easing the position of the President of the Lombardy Region.”It was not disputed that the decision was up to the government“he said Attilio Fontana listened to in the prosecutor’s office in Bergamo. Now it is by no means excluded that the Prime Minister and other ministers may be heard by the magistrates to clarify.

Even the Region could establish the red area, as provided for by article 32 of law no.833 of 23 December 1978“, they explained by the staff of Giuseppe Conte adding that the premier has not received any summons Courier service, the dossier of the failure to establish the red zone in the Lombard municipalities of Nembro and Alzano has been on Conte’s table for days. President Fontana, we read, has no arguments for “make disputes“to the government:”If the Region Lombardy believes that the creation of new red areas had to be arranged earlier, with regard to the entire regional territory or to individual municipalities, could have easily created ‘red areas’ in full autonomy“.

The 1978 rule says that: “The Minister of Health can issue orders of a contingent and urgent nature, in the field of hygiene and public health and veterinary police, with effectiveness extended to the whole national territory or to part of it comprising multiple regions“. It’s still: “in the same matters, orders of a contingent and urgent nature are issued by the president of the regional council and by the mayor, with efficacy extended respectively to the region or to part of its territory comprising several municipalities and to the municipal territory“. But let’s take a step back. The first red areas of Vo ‘Euganeo and Codogno were established in late February by the government. Just as the executive also acted on 8 March, when it transformed all of Lombardy into a red zone together with 14 other Italian provinces. Finally, on March 11 the government defined Italy as “protected area“, while the Regions could establish more limited” red zones “. At the beginning of March, however, no one set up one ad Alzano is Nembro. And on this aspect the battle between the government and the Lombardy Region has started. The latter claims that the government should have decided: until mid-March, in fact, the government had always and only established the red zones. From the executive instead they point the finger at the Region.

The statements of the governor of Lombardy convinced the acting prosecutor of Bergamo, Maria Cristina Rota, who then said: “As far as we know, it is a government decision“.”We waited for Rome, until the beginning of March we had always agreed with the government on those types of measures“, explained the Councilor for Welfare Giulio Gallera, stating that it checked only after the Region could have acted alone. “But at that stage we had always dealt with the executive and the Higher Institute of Health“.

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