Conte seeks mediation on the school. The summit slips in the night


The meeting between the majority parties was delayed late at night. Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, in a swirl of contacts that went on all day, sought a possible mediation on the school issue and only once found did he decide to submit it to the forces that support him. The positions were so far apart that it would have been practically useless to have the group leaders sit around the same table. At stake are the competitions and hiring of new teachers. Time is short because the decree will be in commission in the Senate on Monday afternoon and it is no longer possible to postpone it. The battle with amendments will therefore have to end in the majority summit.

The mediation proposal arrived from the dem and Leu consists of a two-stage: postponing the competition to the end of the school year, in 2021, for contracts for an indefinite period and, in the meantime, using precarious jobs, on the basis of qualifications, in September . “We want a ranking with a final selective test at the end of the year, certainly more concrete than a quiz competition that is not known, for problems related to the pandemic, even if it can take place. The risk is very serious ”, summarizes the Pd school manager, Camilla Sgambato, in the evening. The 5 Star Movement and Italia Viva instead ask for a competition and accuse the Democratic Party and Leu of wanting an amnesty. It is evident that ideas are absolutely opposed in this exchange of accusations that has been going on for days.

But the pentastellate trench is above all political, fueled by the other great node that has landed at Palazzo Chigi in these hours, that of Autostrade, and by the fear that a shooting has started against the grill ministers. The Movement fears that the objective of the allies is to weaken the grill ministers and now it would be up to Lucia Azzollina, who leads the school department. But it has already happened with Alfonso Bonafede on the issue of release, in part there have been strong attacks also against the Minister of Labor Catalfo and the turn of the Pisan Minister of Innovation could come. A strategy therefore that could also lead to a government reshuffle

For the 5 Star Movement, government allies “wink at unions after the disaster of the reform called ‘Good school'”. Because it is the trade unions, above all, that ask that we proceed on the basis of the rankings. For the minister Lucia Azzollina it is unthinkable and has repeatedly reiterated that the competition must be done, already in July, “to establish a principle of meritocracy”.

The prime minister, closer to the 5Stelle than to the Democratic Party in this battle, explained that the competitions must be done and recalled that the school decree was already voted by the dem and Leu in December when the minister was at the education department Fioramonti. Then in April, when Minister Azzolina launched the rules for competitions, there was no uprising from the other majority parties or from the unions that actually signed the agreement.

So what has changed? The Democratic Party leverages the Coronavirus emergency but does not hide that the path of selection by titles also serves to avoid a clash with the unions and families, therefore sponsors the recruitment based on a simple ranking by titles. The idea of ​​Leu and the dems is not to do the competition in August with 70 thousand people but to start with 32 thousand temporary teachers by then doing a written or oral test at the end of the school year for placing in the role, widening also the audience. Now we need to see if the Prime Minister’s proposal will be accepted.

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