Conte: ‘Mes is not my goal. The real turning point is the 500 billion plan – Politics


Matteo Renzi’s support for the executive “was an important decision”. Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte underlines this in talks reported by ‘Il Corriere della Sera’, ‘La Repubblica’ and ‘Il Messaggero’, explaining that “we will welcome the proposals of Italy alive on infrastructures and family acts”, themes “that are by heart”. Conte denies that the agreement was born from agreements on government reshuffles in favor of exponents of Italy alive: “Do not immerse them – he comments – it is a matter of perspective”. Coming to the Mes, Conte reiterates that “it is not my goal also for a matter of consistency, beyond the conditionalities and internal political sensitivities”. For him, the real “historical turning point” is on the “500 billion in non-refundable funds, from France and Germany”. For the premier “the Commission can do even better”.

The record numbers on the use of the redundancy fund in Italy “photograph the exceptional nature of the moment we are living in,” he says. The government’s commitment is “to guarantee the safeguarding of jobs”. Thanks to the relaunch decree “we will simplify the procedures for disbursing the cig in derogation and allow INPS to advance 40 percent of the amounts due to the worker within two weeks of submitting the application”. In addition, we have widened the audience of workers who will receive an allowance to face the emergency, such as domestic workers and carers. Yesterday 1.4 million seasonal workers, self-employed and VAT numbers received the 600 euro bonus for the month of April from the Social Security Institute, which will be paid to all beneficiaries in the coming days. “There will also be interventions on the procurement code: “We must strengthen the safeguards and make them more effective and efficient”, always monitoring the possible infiltration of crime.

Conte does not underestimate social tensions “in a context in which there is so much widespread economic suffering. The Italians are facing the emergency with great responsibility, capacity for resilience and reaction”. As for the clash with the League, Count confirms the “duty to dialogue”, but asks the right to do its part: “Now is the revival decree, the opposition is activated for this dialogue to be constructive.” As for the election day on 13 and 14 September, “work is underway, but it is a matter that must also be agreed with the Regions and must be shared with everyone”.


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