Conte launches pact with oppositions: “We collaborate on three major reforms”


Italy must start quickly and to do so requires the utmost collaboration also from the opposition: the thesis supported by Giuseppe Conte it is clear and leaves no room for free interpretation. A real pact offered at center that takes into account the crucial issues for our country. The Prime Minister has listed all the possible topics on which to collaborate and on which the coalition formed by Matteo Salvini, Giorgia Meloni and Silvio Berlusconi would like to involve in Parliament: “There are many reform projects on which the opposition can offer its contribution“. On all”regulatory interventions to speed up process times“, Without to forget “the largest reform to simplify the whole system“.

In the interview given to The paper, the premier spoke of the Revival decree recently published in the Official Journal: “We have intervened significantly on some crucial sectors, destined to leave an important legacy“And he claimed a series of measures introduced, from the strengthening of the system and of all health personnel to investments in school, university, research.”Human capital, research and innovation will be the fundamental levers on which the country must focus in order to be reborn“he added. However, there is no shortage of gaps: many workers will be left with empty pockets. Employees and professionals enrolled in private social security institutions will lose out, extending an already long list of excluded. With a future to be built, it will be necessary to rethink Italy’s training model, orienting it towards a system based on “on a continuous process of learning knowledge and skills, to build a fairer, more supportive, greener country“.

Mes and Recovery fund

The lawyer denied having made explicit his intention to appeal to the European stability mechanism after France: “I never said it or thought of it. The Mes is an instrument born from the outcome of very different crises compared to the one we are experiencing“So he took the opportunity to reiterate that the real game for the revitalization of our economy is played on the Recovery fund, in light of the agreement between France and Germany, especially if”conditions should relate to the fall in public debt would be acceptable to our government“.

One of the objectives on which the head of the Giallorossi government intends to work concerns the introduction of some changes to company law in order to “favor the capitalization of enterprises“on the one hand, and of”introduce leaner and more effective governance models, without compromising minority rights“on the other. Another fundamental issue to be addressed will be the system justice, from “make it more effective“accelerating the times of the civil, criminal and tax ones. However, every reform project must guarantee”the autonomy of the judiciary and the independence of politics“At European level would like to create”a tax regulatory framework to ban tax dumping“. Conte finally addressed the theme of cutting red tape, which defines “the mother of all reforms“because it may be able to boost competitiveness and increase productivity.

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