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Gagliardini wants to keep the Nerazzurri shirt tight

Among the players under observation at the resumption of the championship, at home Inter, there will definitely also be Roberto Gagliardini. Who has every intention of confirming his qualities, and keeping the Nerazzurri shirt tight. The rumors about his future are there (Turin and Fiorentina interested in him), but Antonio Conte appreciates its characteristics very much and would not be so happy at the idea of ​​letting it go. For his part, Gagliardini, the only player in the Nerazzurri squad, is happy in Milan and has no desire to give up. Tuttosport writes:

Roberto Gagliardini: two months to confirm himself as an Inter player. From his has the fact of being a midfielder with absolutely different skills than those of the other four (…). But it is also true that Conte may want more reinforcements in pink, which is why a transfer may be necessary. The valuation of the former Atalanta is around 20-25 million, perhaps even a bit higher. Turin and Fiorentina are on Gagliardini“.

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