Confindustria against the government. Bonomi: “Ostrich policy is likely to do more damage than Covid.” Gualtieri: “Ungenerous words”


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He doesn’t want to reply, but simply defines “ungenerous“The criticisms made by the president of Confindustria to the government. The Minister of Economy, Roberto Gualtieri, tries to dribble the controversy, but cannot remain completely silent after the attack by Carlo Bonomi. “One of the virtues needed when ruling is to have a constructive attitudeso I also have parts of the interview you look ungenerous, taking into account the dialogue that has taken place with Confindustria, also on the proposals accepted in the relaunch decree “, says the owner of via XX Settembre, interviewed by Lucia Annunziata in In half an hour more on Rai 3. “So – continued Gualtieri – I look positively and I think the invitation to concentrate resources for investments well and for the future, and not to disperse them which is a different thing from the wrong criticism to those who say that we wanted to support everyone. Yup we wanted to support everyone“.

The attack: “This policy is likely to do more damage than Covid” – The minister refers to the interview given by Bonomi to the newspaper Republic. An interview full of criticism and attacks on the executive. “This policy is likely to do more damage than Covid“, Came to support the tenant of Avenue of Astronomy. “The narrative that once the pandemic has passed, everything will return as before – says Bonomi – is one beautiful and good falsehood. The reality is another. This is a country that has become accustomed to being anesthetized. I’m not looking for controversy, I’m not against a priori. I’m trying to put everyone in front of reality: entrepreneurs are deeply worried. In the autumn many companies will not reopen, others will have to scale down. We don’t know what will happen tomorrow, what will become of the orders, orders, suppliers ”. According to the head of the industrialists “the Ostrich policy does not pay in the long run and can do worse than Covid. He will see it when we discover that the GDP has fallen by ten points, then we will have to deal with reality “. The president of the association that is based in Viale Astronomico has it for everyone: “This is a country, with politics in mind, which is passionate about a surreal discussion: when and how to go on vacation. A blocked country discussing holidays! I hope that the Italian Parliament will not close in August, it would really be a disappointment “.

Confindustria: “Resources drowned in citizenship income” – In recent days Bonomi has come to speculate up to a million layoffs after the crisis. Today he repeats: “I said what everyone who goes to the company to work every morning knows. The government has layoffs blocked until August. But work, jobs, are not managed and created by decree. We need a strategy, a vision, an idea of ​​which country we want to build. We must stop looking exclusively at the electoral dividend ”. So here is the frontal attack on the executive, guilty of having provided resources for the subsidies for the last: “The governor of the Bank of Italy said it very well, Ignazio Visco. We must focus on growth: our country has been losing productivity for twenty five years, moving further and further away from competitors. And growth also depends on where resources are allocated: for decades, yes increase your current spend (the electoral dividend) at the expense of investments in infrastructure, health, innovation and research, in environmental and social sustainability policies, in active employment policies instead of drown in Basic income or in the navigator. By the way – he adds – does anyone know where they went? It’s not like that, it’s one unacceptable waste of resources“. For the head of the industrialists, then, there is the national contract that “should be reduced. It must become a slender framework to entrust the second level contract in the company with a predominant role “.

Leu: “Bonomi wants to bring back the hands of rights” – Words, those of Confindustria’s number one, which have also provoked other political reactions. “Bonomi imagines that the crisis will face itself swapping growth for rights. Think about increasing productivity attacking the national collective agreement and reducing labor protection is simply madness. This is a political use of the crisis, “says the Senator of Leu Francesco Laforgia. For Nicola Fratoianni “The new boss of the industrialists, not happy with the many, too many gifts received from politics in recent years, takes advantage of this to launch a crusade against the unions that defend workers’ rights, and against collective bargaining. He probably imagines that this is the right occasion to put le back until the 1950s rights hands“.

Gualtieri: “Aspi accept rates, withdrawal remains option” – If on the one hand Gualtieri did not want to open a verbal confrontation with the president of the industrialists, from Annunziata he nevertheless shared Bonomi’s invitation to invest: “With the next budget law the government will work on a unprecedented multi-year relaunch project that allows you to make up for delays and change the country, “said the economy minister. The goal, he explained, is to present a plan for recovery in September with the Def for “invest in the future, on innovation, digitalization, environmental sustainability, investments. We ask all forces to contribute and give ideas and proposals “. On relations with Highways, the owner of via XX Settembre said: “It is needed above all an acceptance of the tariff regime and then we will evaluate whether there will be conditions for a satisfactory, for the common good, settlement solution. Otherwise the procedure lapsed is still ongoing and is an option that is always available. ” Then he invited the Atlantia group company to accept the proposed new tariff regime to the Transportation Regulatory Authority: “We have had conditions in the past excessively favorable to dealers“. Space is also given to the theme of the past few weeks: the loan guaranteed by the state for 6 billion euros requested by Fca. “We are the country of controversy – said Gualtieri – we need investment and employment. It is an opportunity for us that a multinational in the auto sector, so present in Italy with production plants and employment, turns to a private loan for a public guarantee. It is our duty to say well, but we need a verifiable commitment and certainly investment in Italy “.

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