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The survey edited by Fabrizio Masia for Agora, the broadcast broadcast on Rai3, certifies a further drop in trust towards Giuseppe Conte. The premier had reached a very high rating, for some polls even higher than 60%, but the lockdown effect has now vanished. To advance is the economic crisis as well as a certain social malaise, fueled by those who still await the money promised by the state. As of May 28, confidence in Conte appears to be at 42%, two points less compared to a week ago: it is the most important change photographed by the Masia survey. Behind the premier there is always Giorgia Meloni, stable at 36%, while Matteo Salvini recovered a point and rose to 35%. The detachment of is always important Nicola Zingaretti (23%, -1) e Luigi Di Maio (20%, unchanged from last week). Just as the liking of has not changed Matteo Renzi, which does not come undone by 15% despite the political protagonism.

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