“Competitions will take place throughout the administration, why not for schools?” Monday vote on amendments


Today was a decisive day in relation to the fate of the extraordinary competition for teachers with 36 months of service. In fact, we are awaiting the news of a summit meeting between Prime Minister Conte, Minister Azzolina and the leaders of the majority political forces.

The subject of the meeting, as anticipated yesterday for the appointment first set and then skipped due to the prolongation of the CdM, the extraordinary competition of precarious teachers.

Two factions

On the one hand, in fact, there is a compact front of parties that goes from LeU, PD, PSI which asks for a regulatory change and a competition for titles only, on the other the 5 Star Movement, supported by the Minister, who asks for respect of the agreements made in December and the content of current legislation which provides for selective testing.

The concern of the branch is linked to the epidemiological situation and the risks associated with conducting an in-presence examination, on the other hand the Minister replies stating that he has prepared a plan that safeguards the health of the participants.


A mediation proposal came yesterday, with a plan B in case the epidemiological curve changes, hiring the teachers but providing for the selective test during the year with improved health conditions.

Today, a synthesis between the different parts will be sought. Meanwhile, from the pages of the newspaper Il Messaggero, the Minister anticipates his position: “We have a common goal: to have teachers in class in September. There are “notices already published for hiring 80 thousand hires, it is a huge result. The competitions go on throughout the PA and in the university, why not at school? “.

Vacca, of the 5-star Movement, also spoke on the same topic, who wrote in a statement: “Only the competition procedure already started will allow the hiring of teachers already in September, in addition to ensuring compliance with the constitutional dictation and quality principles and merit. There are no viable alternatives, so we reiterate our firm “no” to recruitment by qualifications: the school and the many precarious historians can no longer wait. ”

“On the other hand – he continues – the pandemic used as an argument to ask for a recruitment by titles cannot convince: restaurants and clubs reopen, cinemas and theaters will soon do so respecting the safety rules, because the same could not happen for competitions? ”

The unions

The unions, for their part, have threatened the strike. FLCGIL, UIL, SNALS have warned that it is “the moment for the government to make choices”. “Wanting to ignore the pandemic and the possibility of taking part in face-to-face competitions represents a truly exaggerated stubborn stance.” Writes flcgil. Strike which, according to parliamentary sources, would have received the approval of some members of the PD.

Vote Monday

The work in the VII Senate Commission on the school decree, the battleground between the two factions, ran aground on this point. During yesterday’s session, we learn, the amendments were not voted on but a simple illustration was made. The synthesis attempts took place informally, but failing to find a square, the card of the summit meeting with the Prime Minister was attempted. Meeting postponed until today, as anticipated by our editorial staff.

The vote on the amendments is therefore postponed to Monday. Provided that today the meeting is decisive, also because times are running out and there will not be the possibility of a second passage in Parliament, making text that will be elaborated in the Senate as the definitive one.

Final delivery times, by June 7th.

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