Competition for titles, the Sunday of truth: the Democratic Party repels the quizzes with crosses, the M5S will have to yield


The expected meeting between the group leaders of the parties with the Prime Minister will probably take place on Sunday 24 May to find the framework on how to hire as soon as possible 32 thousand precarious teachers in high school and perhaps an additional quota for children and primary. The chances of success for the prime minister’s mediation are not very high. After the unnecessary confrontation on Friday, the only news of which was the official move of Italia Viva with the M5S, at least at a public level, the positions remained substantially the same. So far apart.

Difficult, but not impossible, agreement

The statements that followed on Saturday did not seem to favor the underground mediating work of the entourage of Giuseppe Conte. And the danger of seeing Pd and Leu vote for the contests by titles, together with Lega and Forza Italia, remains firmly on its feet.

In the end, however, the impression is that pentastellati and Minister of Education will have to come to terms: for example, you could leave the competitions standing, to be carried out in more extended times, compatible with the risks from Covid, but also open exceptionally to a minimum number of recruitments from the ranking, only after training in teaching in the first year also with at least potentially selective final verification. Conte’s proposal could be this or a similar one.

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Pd: schools also closed for competitions

“For us we must immediately enhance the knowledge base of precarious workers and enter 40,000 teachers on September 1st, without giving up merit and selection with a real test at the end of the school year”, he reiterated however the group leader of the senators Democratic Party Andrea Marcucci thus returning to repudiate the “crosses quiz” that the 5 Star Movement wants, with the reserved competition, and waiting for the “right mediation” of the premier.

It echoes it the senator Pd Francesco Verducci, vice president of the Senate Culture Commission, among the signatories of the decree of discord: he says once again “no to a test in presence in an emergency with incalculable risks. Moreover, we are still in an emergency is a fact: otherwise the schools would not yet be closed and the written tests from the state exam would not be canceled. ”

With the amendment, Verducci continued, the aim is to “give certainty to the precarious workers with recruitment by qualifications and service, enabling year, and final selective oral exam. No amnesty. But a path that enhances the quality of skills and teaching, which certainly cannot be measured with a cross-stitch quiz. “

Forza Italy: give credit to precarious workers

After the League, which presented an amendment similar to the Pd-LeU one, Forza Italia also supports the hiring line without evidence. The possibility of sending the government into crisis is too tempting, at the cost of abandoning the traditional position for merit and public competitions.

“It would be better to devote time to the organization of the new school year in total safety, to recognize the due merit of these teachers who remained too precarious for too long,” he said the deputy group leader of FI in the Senate, Licia Ronzulli.

£ The precarious teachers are waiting to find out if there will be changes to the competitions, if the Minister of the quizzes will raise the white flag and if the rankings of second and third tier institutes will be reopened. Students wait for enlightenment on the state exam, families for the opening of the next school year, “he urges the president of Forza Italia senators Anna Maria Bernini.

Italia Viva: the right to study before competitions

With the “grillini” only Italia Viva remains. And not even with too much conviction. “We are alongside families – said the president of the senators of Iv Davide Faraone, very close to Renzi – who rightly took to the streets today to claim the opening of schools and certainties on state exams. Italia Viva has always fought to reopen schools, so much so that if it had been for us, the students would already be in class. It is important to deal with competitions for teachers but it is essential to deal with the right to study and what the next school year will be like “.

“We are at the side of families asking to reopen the school. We were when nobody said it. We are even more so today, “he wrote on twitter Maria Elena Boschi, another “Renziana” doc.

Leu: we give certainties to students and families

In the meantime, Leu warns Giuseppe Conte. “The mediation on the school that Premier Conte has pledged to present cannot be based on the balance between political forces, giving something to one and something to the other. It is not a political mediation that the school needs today but effective and fair solutions, “he said the senator of LeU Loredana De Petris.

“Respect for precarious workers who have kept the school system up and running in recent years must be guaranteed – added De Petris. We must give certainties to students and families. It must be certain that the school will start again on September 1 with the teachers in their place. The competition, foreseen in the decree of December, without counting the risks it poses in terms of health, does not guarantee this certainty at all “.

“The merit is not established with a cross competition, however, also done in the midst of a health emergency. Those who have served the school for many years, perhaps by covering the staff shortages, finally need a stable perspective, “he remarked the senator of Leu Francesco Laforgia.

Now the “ball” passes to the head of the government.

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