Competition 2016, teachers not qualified first hired and then fired. Sit-in June 1st


The appointment is for tomorrow, June 1, at 10.30 am, in Piazza del Plebiscito in Naples. Teachers demonstrate to apply for their job.

The teachers of the Campania capital will find themselves demonstrating to request their job. They promise that others will follow this initiative. In full compliance with the rules that prohibit gatherings, teachers will wear masks and maintain safety distances during the sit-in organized in front of the Prefecture.

Although they had not been heard for some time, the teachers dismissed following the ruling of the Council of State returned to assert their reasons.

“The MIUR has dismissed the teachers recruited indefinitely and removed from the rankings on exhaustion the suitable pending entry into the role for the next school year – is the explanation provided by the Committee that brought together the dismissed professionals – not to mention that many had to give up a previous job with a permanent contract to fulfill the dream of entering the world of school “.

These are graduate teachers who, without the qualification, were unable to participate in the 2016 competition dedicated only to those qualified. Some appealed and were admitted to the competition even winning it in some cases.

“It must be said that – read on the Morning of Naples – the admission as a precaution of teachers to the competition, was confirmed by a fact, that is, since 2017 no qualifying courses had been held, thus strengthening the thesis of the recurring. To date, the winners entered into the role in 2019 and fully included in the merit rankings, have had to abandon their pupils because their situation has reversed. The MIUR challenged the Tar’s ruling that had allowed the teachers not qualified to take part in the competition test and a negative opinion was also expressed by the Council of State, so the teachers returned home and suddenly found themselves without work “.

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