Community of Bose, everything was already written


Finally Bose is served! The last nail on the coffin of Vatican Council II with reinforced lead sealing, made with wisdom, cunning and, satanically ascribed directly to the unloved Pope, who thus ends up playing the role of killer, maneuvered by dark but visible hands. The antibergogliano world, the ecclesiastical, economic, political and social right, in these days gloats in half-serious silence, rubs his hands with anti-virus gel and remains on the shore waiting for not the corpse of a simple founder, but that much more coveted of the Pope usurper, “come from the end of the world”, but never felt like “next one”. We write Bose, but we read Francesco.

About two years ago, in 2018, during a homily in San Torpete, I expressed my thoughts on the fact that Ecumenism was now lived only on the part of the aware people, while at the hierarchical level it was a medal of occasion, a stagnant process. The obsession with “Protestantism that has invaded the Church” is still alive and well. On that occasion I took Bose as an example. I said that Bose was a fruit of Vatican II and the initiator of a reform which could have been compared to the great monastic reforms, but it will end. I added that in the Vatican he expected nothing but the death or the escape of the founder, Enzo Bianchi, to sink the ax on the experience, tolerated far too much.

In my reading, the passages would have been: death or resignation of Enzo Bianchi, tolerance of a few years without problems. Then the closure of the “mixed” coexistence of Catholic / non-Catholic monks and nuns would be imposed and therefore the restoration of an exclusively denominational monasticism. Period of settling and then decomposition of the monastery into two, strictly separated: the male and the female, in the name of ancient tradition, etc. etc. Today, however, without even needing to behead or close everything, it was enough empty it of its essence to reduce it to nothing, irrelevance, decay and in the long run to closure. Bose, the bubo who grew up with the blessing of the Popes, would have ended up at the hands of a less suitable Pope, the most fragile, the one who more than any other would have needed a true, ecumenical, universal monastery, without gender diversity.

When I read the aseptic release of the Community of Bose on the website of the Monastery, I didn’t get upset at all, because it was all written and expected and everything was happening according to the rules of that clericalism that Francis denounces as the first of serious sins, but which, like a virus, travels hidden and invisible, ready to grasp when it is thought that it is out of the game. Once the Second Vatican Council was digested and ruminated, brought back to the ranks of the tradition prior to 1962 (see the two documents of the Congregation of the Faith which establishes the normality, now acquired, of the Tridentine rites) and, in time of Covid-19, the return to the preconciliar masses of the priest alone, without a people, considered superfluous, could no longer be tolerate the existence of Bose.

It must be said that the play was masterful, worthy of a play entitled: “The Prior and the butler Francesco”. In respectable thrillers, noir, the culprit must always be the butler, while the Prior reels in the darkness of the accusations that he has not even received. It can be defended, but in silence and better if in exile in Chevetogne in Belgium, another symbol of ancient crimes. The curia and its external lovers who are one “legion”, like the devil, he never converts, but maneuvers, plots, strikes and kills, except praying for the dead.

I don’t know what happened – if something happened – in the Monastery and between the brothers and sisters, but I know what happened outside where, on the eve of a Pentecost of fire and terror, instead of the flames of the Holy Spirit, they wander witty carrion vultures, always in permanent service and they will not rest until he leaves the scene Pope francesco. Which Pope was too condescending, as a true man of God, not attached to power, towards cardinals and curials and former popes who created the conditions of his immobility, forcing him to defend himself and therefore to weaken his hypothetical reform.

During the penultimate synod on the family (4-28 October 2015), his detractors spread the rumor that Francesco was sick to pass on the message that his choices were the result of an insane mind. In 2016, the encyclical just published Amoris Laetitia, cardinals Walter Brandmüller, Raymond L. Burke, Carlo Caffarra and Joachim Meisner published “Dubia”, an open letter to the pope who, in an ecclesiastical way, pretending respect and respect, liquidated the encyclical, accusing it of fact of heresy. In 2017 a certain Marcantonio Colonna, entering the Mephistophelic curial effluvium, wrote the book The dictator pope.

It would have been better if the Pope had convened an extraordinary consistory of the entire college of cardinals in San Giovanni al Laterano, his episcopal chair, and had said roughly: “I always thought that the cardinals were the Pope’s advisers and that they were free to express their thoughts without subterfuge, without open letters, without stabbing in the back as cowards do. To remedy, since all of you are not useful, but you are an obstacle, failing your oath, with apostolic power, I Pope Francis of the Catholic Church, dissolve the college of Cardinals and lay down new rules for the election of the Bishop of Rome . On leaving, put down clothes, rings, caps and symbols: naked you entered and naked you return to the world from which you come. Amen. Gentlemen, good evening. “

The Pope, however, is Francesco, a Jesuit who became Pope not by maneuver, but by obedience and, knowing him, he will let the actions of the people concerned manifest the truth and hypocrisy. Since he believes in God, he does not defend himself because he would fall at the same level as jackals. The bloody sign of remains Bose that as a jewel of the “Novel Pentecost”, it has been defaced in unclean poison, instrument of death. May God, if he can, not forgive them because they know perfectly well what they are doing.

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