Community of Bose, Bianchi asks the Vatican for mediation: “In order to defend ourselves from false accusations and make a journey of reconciliation”


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“Hopefully the decree of the Holy See is suspended and for the period of six months / one year do a path of reconciliation in the community “. To speak is an internal source to community of Bose. The day after the news of the provision of the Holy See asking the founder Enzo Bianchi and two other brothers (Goffredo Boselli, responsible for the liturgy; Lino Breda, community secretary) and a sister (Antonella Casiraghi, former general manager) to leave the community by May 31st, we are looking for a way out.

And it is the same founder with a official press release to intervene to ask for mediation from Rome: “In vain, to those who handed over the decree we asked that we be allowed to know the evidence of ours failings and to be able to defend ourselves from false accusations“, Writes Bianchi. “In these last two years – continues the release – during which I have deliberately been more absent that present in the community, especially living in my hermitage, I suffered from not being able to give my legitimate anymore contribution as founder. As a founder, over three years ago I freely gave them resignation from prior, but I understand that my presence may have been a problem. ” “But I never contested with words and deeds the authority of the legitimate prior, Luciano Manicardi, a close collaborator of mine for more than twenty years, as master of novices and vice prior of the community, who he shared with me in full communion decisions and responsibility “, reads the statement. On the other hand, the prior in office in these years has renewed all the issues in complete freedom charges, removing precisely the people who had been nominated in the past by the founder: a sign of the maximum freedom to exercise legitimate power.

The bewilderment remains for the value of the decree which is one final judgment and unappealable. Among other things, the Vatican, in addition to requesting the removal and dismissal of the offices of Bianchi and the other brothers, would have asked for other revisions concerning the community life.

Now Bianchi, who in these hours is silently gathered in his hermitage to Bose, he asks for a side step from Rome: “In this situation, for me as for everyone, very painful, I ask that the Holy See help us and if we have done something that runs counter to communion, we are told“. “For our part – the founder always writes – in repentance we are willing to ask and give mercy. In suffering and trial we have also asked and ask that the community be helped in a path of reconciliation“. “I thank from the bottom of my heart the many brothers and sisters of Bose who in these hours of great pain support me and the many people who have shown me their human closeness and their sincere affection “, concludes Bianchi. Words that hide the bitterness of so many brothers and sisters in the community that if the founder were forced to leavethey would seem ready to leave Bose in full fidelity to Father Bianchi.

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