Comet Swan passes on the Ravenna coast, the images captured with the camera by the expert astronomer


The chances of seeing the passage of the comet Swan shine in the sky were not very high, but this did not discourage the astronomy expert from Ravenna Claudio Balella from trying to intercept it. And thanks to a very clear night, with the clouds blown away by the wind, the feat succeeded him.

What you see in the picture is the star discovered in March by an Australian of Italian origin among the images of the camera of a solar satellite. “The SWAN – explains Balella – it was very bright and clearly visible in the southern hemisphere generating expectations about the possibility of seeing it well with the naked eye when it was visible in our hemisphere. Unfortunately this is not the case and, thanks to the visibility a few degrees from the horizon and the short time available, about half an hour before the light before the dawn, like the chimera, the SWAN comet was not visible in binoculars and it took a very clear night to catch her. The right opportunity came a few days ago after the passing of a cloud swept also by the wind, the sky was very clear with stars visible a few degrees from the horizon on the sea and the comet could be seen in the photos “.

“The image you see – go on -, obtained from a series of shots made with portable instrumentation, is remarkable compared to larger fixed-position telescopes. Alongside a panoramic image with the comet on the sea. The typical green color and the tail can be seen well considering that it was 103 million km from us. Next week, the comet will be in the sky even in the first part of the night, which is always very low on the horizon, reaching the minimum distance from the Sun on May 27 just, so to speak, 65 million km away. We hope that a new clearly visible comet will appear in the eyes of the general public “.

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