Come to Me Caterina Balivo, fan against guest: “Things of bad taste!”


Written by Marco Santoro, May 28, 2020, in TV Programs

Come to Me, spectator against guest of Caterina Balivo attacks: “Things of bad taste!

Lately Morgan to Come to Me he made some tacky revelations that, maybe, even a little smile would have ripped off at the moment. To the presenter Caterina Balivo he had told live that during his coronavirus quarantine he washed only twice and that he had left a book on the bidet that he had not used for some time. A spectator of Come to Me by Caterina Balivo wrote in the mail Alessandro Cecchi Paone on the weekly NuovoTv claiming to have heard of “Things of bad taste” on Rai1. In addition, the viewer in question has strongly criticized Morgan, “Whose only art is to make people talk about themselves with controversial and often aggressive issues”, wondering what contribution it can make to television and music Morgan: “By now people have lost all inhibition and sense of modesty?”.

Come to Me, Morgan to Caterina Balivo. Alessandro Cecchi Paone: “Forced to shoot it big”

The well-known columnist and journalist Alessandro Cecchi Paone replied to the letter received by the viewer of Vieni da Me, the talk conducted by Caterina Balivo, on Morgan. The scientific popularizer said he did not listen to his music but had heard of Morgan as a genius and, as such, he came to the fore. Alessandro Cecchi Paonealso admitted that Morgan seems to have changed jobs, does not know whether by choice or necessity:

“In his place, a character was born who, in order to maintain his hunger for the cursed, is forced to shoot her bigger and bigger.”

Finally, the reporter asked: “How far will he go in order to make people talk about himself?”. Meanwhile Morgan is preparing for the Sanremo Festival 2021 e has already invited Bugo to return, as revealed on several occasions.

Morgan, reporter makes a revelation: “Champion of unsocial distancing”

The journalist Camillo Langone on The paper said on ‘Being Morgan’, the new book released a few days ago by Morgan. The reporter said that by reading ‘Being Morgan’ he was moved by “The need for ivory towers, the emphatic elitism, the declaration of belonging to a superior and semi-extinct race“, Expressed in his work by the singer:

“Morgan is recognized as the irreplaceable champion of asocial distancing.”

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