Coldiretti’s alarm: “The Agricultural Consortium is at risk”


“As has happened in the recent past, Siena may have to deal with the loss of an important piece of history in the area: after Banca Monte dei Paschi, the agrarian consortium. With all the consequent economic and employment effects. For a sense of misunderstood senesity one risks leaving one of the most beautiful economic realities in the area to perish ”.

So Fabrizio Filippi, president of Coldiretti Toscana and confederal delegate of Coldiretti Siena, intervened this morning together with the president of Coldiretti Arezzo, Lidia Castellucci and the councilor of the consortium, Leonardo Belperio.

“The Agricultural Consortium is a strategic asset for the province of Siena: it is a historic company, it has existed since 1901, which plays a fundamental economic and organizational support role for local agriculture which, remember, is an absolute sector value of our territory. The Agricultural Consortium directly employs almost 100 people in addition to the related industries ”

“To continue guaranteeing the company’s activity in favor of agricultural businesses and consumers, Coldiretti suggested joining the Consortium Consortium Agrari Scpa, and thereby the project to reorganize the agricultural consortiums, which would also have” allowed the Consortium to undertake a process of corporate reorganization in bonis, putting in common denominator different and multiple experiences on the national territory. The Board of Directors last May 8 made a different choice and we take note of the opposition of CIA and Confagricoltura based in our opinion on political and non-economic reasons. What has been approved by the administrative body does not seem to us a solution to the corporate crisis and we would not like it to consist of a real liquidation plan of the Company, oriented to the disposal of strategic assets. In the coming months, Coldiretti will monitor the work of the bodies to protect agricultural businesses and the local economy “.

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