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officer, they treat us like plague. There Greece in fact, it has announced the list of 29 states whose tourists will be able to visit the country starting next June 15: Italy is excluded. However, the Greek government has made it known that the list will be updated on July 1st. But Greece is not the only case. Also for Austriain fact, Italy is a “hotbed”: borders with Hyalia, in short, barred. . “Border openings are an ongoing process that will last until June, July and August,” Foreign Minister Apa told the news agency, Alexander Schallenberg. “All reopenings – he added – should be based on facts and data”.

Then Croatia, who after calling the Italian tourists in the country made a substantial reverse, announcing that he will not reopen the border with Italy in the event that it is not possible to prove that he has a reservation in a hotel. But for many other countries, doors wide open also in Croatia.

As far as internal tourism is concerned, the position of Jole Santelli, governor of Calabria: “Concerned by Lombards in Calabria? No, on the contrary, I ask him to come. If they come once, they will come back. I invite the mayor Sala, I would like it, I would take him for a tour of the Calabrian blue flags”. And again, he added: “Reopening to other regions? We have no problems, we all wait.”

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